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  1. A

    Selling Notes

    Hi, My name is Abhi, I attended a top 20 school in NSW for my HSC. As of now I have been collating all my notes together so I should be gathering more resources for each of my subjects in the following days. Here are the prices for the notes I have collated: For Mathematics Extension 2...
  2. H

    Dropping Science Extension?

    Hi all, I am thinking about dropping Science ext but I am not sure if it's the right choice for me. I love the course and I am very passionate about science, research, data analysis etc. however the workload is massive and I also do lots of other hardcore subjects e.g. 4u math, chem, music 2...
  3. Z

    motivation help PLEASE :(

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME !!!!! basically the title. i find it incredibly difficult to do any of my work, ever. i can't even sit myself down to do homework even when it's easy. i don't know what my problem is. my whole life i've been very lucky to do decently well (80s and 90s, even 100s) in every...
  4. lala33


    im doing a redox titration with orange juice to find amount of ascorbic acid for investigating sci and i asked my chem teacher about washing the walls of the conical flask during the titration. she said not to since it will dilute it and that i should rinse and dry my flask before i do...
  5. A

    Help I dont get this question

    I keep on getting D... idk why... i give up someone please tell me how its done
  6. SB257426

    Do teachers ever find out what ATAR you got ?

    Just curious... but do they find out what ATAR you got or do we just have to tell them what we got. I feel like my chem and english marks will disappoint me and i dont really wanna show them my ATAR as those marks may drag it down
  7. A

    Disadvantaged pathways to Medicine degrees

    Hey there, I'm Marty, I'm a journalist at the ABC who's researching the positives and negatives of the university admissions system for future med students. In particular, how it benefits or misses the mark when it comes to giving students from low socio-economic areas (low SES) a better shot...
  8. T

    English Extension HSC Question

    Hi guys. I just entered Year 12 and I am studying English Extension 1. Today I watched the Five Nights At Freddy’s movie and it honestly almost made me cry. I know it sounds silly, but when I was depressed (not that long ago) watching Markiplier play FNAF and obsessing over MattPatt’s theories...
  9. C

    2023 Trial Papers?

    Hello there! Would anyone happen to have some 2023 trial papers for physics from their schools? Thank you :)
  10. M

    Multiple Choice solutions for SOR II

    does anyone have the paper for SOR II and mc solutions?
  11. G

    what subject to drop? pls help!!

    hey im about to start year 12 soon, I'm unsure about which subject to drop. I currently have 13 units but will be doing my SOR 1 unit HSC this year. So going into my hsc exams next year, I'll have 12 units but I would like to drop 1 or 2 units for workload. My averages and ranks across each...
  12. M

    Multiple choice solutions for the 2023 HSC Business exam.

    got my teacher to check these so they are probably correct.
  13. A

    I dont understand the working out for this question...

    This may sound a bit silly but how did they just know how to sub in these concentrations of Ag and CrO4. I am so confused. I tried subbing in another point.. didnt work
  14. A

    Why is my answer incorrect?

    Here is the question: and here is my working
  15. xoxogossipgirll


    good luck fellow student ;0
  16. A

    I need help with this question

    Can someone please send their working for this please? I dont get it
  17. D

    For those with 90+ ATAR, how did you achieve it?

    For people who have achieved an ATAR of 90 and over, what did you do in order to achieve it? Did you have tutoring or did you study endlessly?
  18. J

    Atar Estimate Please

    Hello everyone, I bombbed paper I and II for english advanced and Im really worried if Im going to get into medicine. My ucat was 88th pecentile So far my ranks are this: Rank 109/160 for english Rank 45/48 for english extension Rank 40/70 for maths ext 2 Rank 48/140 for math extension one...