1. S

    economics case study questions.

    Him there does anyone have sample case study questions for an economy other than Australia, which is 6 marks.
  2. souli

    What are your thoughts on ChatGPT?

    Arguably the new and improved quillbot. Ask any question and it gives you an answer. No plagiarism because it independently generates. Godsend? Wolf in sheep's clothing? Personally, I use ChatGPT for only the most tedious questions in my economics and english advanced essays on Gatsby that I...
  3. souli

    Sitting a languages HSC this year, no motivation. Advice?

    Hey everyone, This year I'm sitting Modern Greek continuers (accelerated). Greek is my second language, we speak it at home often. Hence, I used to get upper 80s but now midish 90s (3rd in my class) are my norm in the subject. I usually sleep in class and want to hurry up and sit the HSC as the...
  4. W

    Do I need to retake my HSC (and repeat Year 11 and 12) if I want to get into University?

    Title. So, basically, the further I progressed through school, the more my grades turned from As into Es. By the end of Year 12 (2021), I graduated a total of 2 subjects, with terrible grades (bad HSC, no ATAR). I later found out that I have a bunch of mental health conditions influencing me...
  5. D

    How often should I revise

    Hi, What is the best revision strategy to stay fresh with content especially for physics and chem? I have noticed the test papers ask very niche questions, where you are required to remember very small details about all the chapters in order to go up to the higher b5/b6 mark. So how often...
  6. A

    Career Advice: Optometry vs Occupational Therapy

    Current Yr12 student here, if anyone knows any pros or cons about these fields please let me know. I am still trying to figure out what I want to be, I have been doing some research but I'm still not sure which is the better option. Optometrist: decent pay but not as many job options/vacancies...
  7. Hivaclibtibcharkwa


    The first lesson is free! experience the tutoring first-hand! To apply for tutoring either directly message us on this website. Or email us at hivaofficial@gmail.com Our team of State ranked tutors and biology teachers are solely focused on year 12 biology, with the aim of creating the world’s...
  8. souli

    How do you make notes? Digitally or handwritten?

    Starting yr 11 soon, and planning to make some study notes on the holidays. Do you make your notes(typing) on a laptop, etc, or handwrite them onto loose-leaf paper in a display folder or a notebook? Thank you!
  9. S

    Business studies

    Hi guys, do you guys have any operations report stimulus I can practice for my internal hsc assessment tasks?
  10. R

    HSC marks

    So I saw my hsc marks in accidental leak. I got an 89 for CAFS, so i was wondering if that is going scale low.
  11. R


    Hey, I'm undertaking the MOOC exam soon in order to achieve the prerequisites required for software engineering for USYD. I was wondering if calculators were allowed for the full duration of the exam?
  12. S

    Business studies- Case study question? Urgent please

    Hi guys, I am going to do quanta’s for my case study but does anyone have any idea for what the question could be about for business case study that is worth 6 marks?
  13. G

    How difficult would be to achieve an ATAR of 85+ based on my subjects?

    Hi guys, I've just wanted to ask if anyone would have an idea of the difficulty of achieving an 85+ ATAR based on my subjects for the HSC. Mathematics Advanced English Standard Software Design and Development Information Processes and Technology Business Studies I am aware that a lot of my...
  14. S


    Hi guys, does anyone have biology past papers for year 12 on heredity and skills-based exam?? or a checklist of what to cover?
  15. moonbow

    ok mark, bad rank

    i got my modern history assessment 1 back (weighted 30%), somehow misunderstood the question and got a 84% - i think im second last within a cohort of ~25 at a top 100 school . i dont understand much about the system of scaling, internals etc but roughly how bad is this if im aiming for a 90s...
  16. S

    CAFS Questionnaire - How Does Stress Created By The HSC Affect Students' Physical, Social, And Emotional Wellbeing?

    11 Quick Questions .https://forms.gle/BGM5583L79u1Ycf7A. Your response is highly appreciated :) Thanks!
  17. R

    should i do french for my hsc?

    hi was just wondering about the basic look of the french scene in the hsc? i have the option of doing french continues as an accelerated course. i did french at my old school for 6-7 years so I'm very confident about being able to catch up with any writing sections however I'm not very confident...
  18. [Blank]

    How I overcame 5 years of depression in 5 minutes.

    Today, I have rediscovered the meaning of “observation”, the identity I crafted for myself when I was at my best. The self that stared off into space, and did so guilt free of the fact that I was ‘wasting time’, simply because my emotions were at their highest, and I wanted to bask in the glory...
  19. S

    ECONOMICS CASE STUDY China or Japan?

    Should my case study for year 12 2023 be on China or Japan? I heard China is a bit awkward to write now due to its relationship with other countries atm? My teacher also said it could be too popular and awkward right now to write. But my new tutor and another teacher said China is still a good...
  20. J

    Mathematics Extension 1 Predictions

    How yall feeling for Extension 1, after the shithole that was E2 :D