1. S

    Business studies- Case study question? Urgent please

    Hi guys, I am going to do quanta’s for my case study but does anyone have any idea for what the question could be about for business case study that is worth 6 marks?
  2. G

    How difficult would be to achieve an ATAR of 85+ based on my subjects?

    Hi guys, I've just wanted to ask if anyone would have an idea of the difficulty of achieving an 85+ ATAR based on my subjects for the HSC. Mathematics Advanced English Standard Software Design and Development Information Processes and Technology Business Studies I am aware that a lot of my...
  3. S


    Hi guys, does anyone have biology past papers for year 12 on heredity and skills-based exam?? or a checklist of what to cover?
  4. M

    ok mark, bad rank

    i got my modern history assessment 1 back (weighted 30%), somehow misunderstood the question and got a 84% - i think im second last within a cohort of ~25 at a top 100 school . i dont understand much about the system of scaling, internals etc but roughly how bad is this if im aiming for a 90s...
  5. S

    CAFS Questionnaire - How Does Stress Created By The HSC Affect Students' Physical, Social, And Emotional Wellbeing?

    11 Quick Questions .https://forms.gle/BGM5583L79u1Ycf7A. Your response is highly appreciated :) Thanks!
  6. R

    should i do french for my hsc?

    hi was just wondering about the basic look of the french scene in the hsc? i have the option of doing french continues as an accelerated course. i did french at my old school for 6-7 years so I'm very confident about being able to catch up with any writing sections however I'm not very confident...
  7. [Blank]

    How I overcame 5 years of depression in 5 minutes.

    Today, I have rediscovered the meaning of “observation”, the identity I crafted for myself when I was at my best. The self that stared off into space, and did so guilt free of the fact that I was ‘wasting time’, simply because my emotions were at their highest, and I wanted to bask in the glory...
  8. S

    ECONOMICS CASE STUDY China or Japan?

    Should my case study for year 12 2023 be on China or Japan? I heard China is a bit awkward to write now due to its relationship with other countries atm? My teacher also said it could be too popular and awkward right now to write. But my new tutor and another teacher said China is still a good...
  9. J

    Mathematics Extension 1 Predictions

    How yall feeling for Extension 1, after the shithole that was E2 :D
  10. S

    The Crucible related text

    Hey guys, I would like to know which text I should study for The Crucible related text. for English Advanced HSC. Which text would be best in terms of connection, human experience and easier to write about together? Please help!!!
  11. J


    What is the Bereal goes off tommorow during English paper 1
  12. J

    wsg lol

  13. S


    Hey guys how can you study and prepare for hsc economics, given that there are so many new statistics? Please also suggest any tips if you can! And any resources would be much appreciated thank you!
  14. Bob99

    2022 Physics QAT MCQ Doubt

    Answers say C I think it has to be A. Someone pls come to the rescue with the correct explanation.
  15. tk8

    4U English in HSC, so Advanced doesn't count towards ATAR?

    Hey guys, Just out of curiosity, if I ace Extension 1 and Extension 2 in the HSC and I completely bomb Advanced, will Advanced not count towards my ATAR (considering I do 12 units)? Is this also a possible/recommended idea, and has anyone ever done this before? thanks!
  16. S

    English Advanced

    Hey guys I need help for English advanced. I’m going into year 12 next term and I need helpppp🥲 My prelim and past test have been bad. However I am passing but just barely. I don’t know how to prepare or study for it and am considering to drop to standard or find a tutor. However I heard some...
  17. thatnormster

    What's easier? Biology or Economics?

    Yo! Here are the subjects that I've locked in for next year • Math Adv + Ext 1 • English Adv + Ext 2 • Geography And I'm tossing up between Biology and Economics. I hate studying Economics but I'm doing unbelievably well in it... I grasp the content well, it's just a chore to study for. I'm...
  18. Y

    Atar Estimate?

    I just got my ranks back (I'm in Year 12), which means my internals are all completed. I just wanted to know if it was possible to get a 75-80 atar with these ranks? (given that I grind for the HSC exams) English Advanced: 21/39 - Overall mark: 75 Business Studies: 14/64 - Overall mark: 83...
  19. P

    Subject changes

    I am currently going into year 12 and do: - Math advanced - Math extension - English advanced - Chemistry - Physics - Legal studies - Studies of religion 1 I want to drop legal studies because It will not help me with what I want to do and I would like to pick up math extension 2. Legal...