1. J

    HSC engineering past paper solutions

    Does anyone have the solutions to the past HSC engineering papers with only marking guidelines (2001 - 2008)
  2. S

    @everyone who uses Tiktok. Do my SAC survey pls? <3

    it has pictures so you won't get bored.
  3. J

    The political and economic state of the word :(

    Hey can someone help me to plan an essay structure for this economics question Disscuss/Analyse how domestic and global free trade and protection policies impact the Australian economy. regards, Jaden Smith P.S this is not a troll I actually need help with this 😭
  4. I

    PIP help :)

    I'm currently in the midst of writing my Personal Interest Project for my SAC class. I've decided to focus on how multicultural adolescents struggle with their identity but I've gotten stuck with my chapter topics since my topic doesn't have much room to expand. I was thinking for my first...
  5. R

    PIP questionnaire https://forms.gle/7pJye9fjK8vUFXfr8

    This is a questionnaire for my PIP, if you take the time out of your day to answer, it will be much appreciated :)
  6. R

    PIP (please help)

    Hey, so my teacher said that my PIP topic was too generic and had been done a lot in the previous years which was: "How does the negative influence of Disney material manifest in children?" With this question I was going to talk about toxic masculinity, misogynistic views and beauty...
  7. J

    How tf do i prepare for the two economics essay in the HSC exam bruh

    If any of you guys have any tips or tricks they'll be very helpfull!!!!!
  8. emmi.e

    First Year 12 Exam tomorrow, but I don’t know anything???

    Hey everyone, im a Year 11 student but im accelerating in Chemistry. I’m doing Module 7 right now which is Organic Chemistry, tomorrow is my first Year 12 exam on this topic and its worth 25% which i think is a lot. Im screwed, basically, because i started school a week ago and already theres an...
  9. M

    legal vs society

    deciding between legal studies and society/culture but i like them equally so is there much difference between scaling (if u get the same mark for instance)? is there a course that is better for my preferred uni courses (international relations / political science / international law / political...
  10. M

    subject help pls (mostly worried ab scaling)

    hello :D this is my first post so im not sure if im doing this right anyways my current subjects r english advanced, maths standard, economics, legal studies, korean beginners n modern history. im aiming for an atar of definitely 90+ and it wld b amazing if i cld get 95+ but idk if itll b rly...
  11. J

    90 internal 95 external vs 93 internal 93 external for ATAR

    Is ATAR calculated by the raw external marks solely, without your school assessment (internal) marks? I did an accelerated course for geography with 90 aligned external and 95 internal with 93 being the final HSC mark. Using the ATAR calculators, 93 is pretty good with an atar equivalent of...
  12. Great Southern Land

    How do I prepare for Year 12 during the school holidays?

    With the first half of the school holidays over, I have been very lazy playing tonnes of video games the whole time and don't know where to start and how to prepare for Year 12 and the HSC. What can I do during the school holidays to prepare me for the 2022 and HSC?
  13. Y

    Unseen Texts

    Is the sample response by NESA in past papers sufficient for the HSC? Are they full mark responses? I've always been taught to write 'more' and in 'complex' ways, and I just feel like the sample responses are a bit short.
  14. A

    10 units risky or not

    I do these subjects: 4u math, 2u adv eng, Phys, Chem and software. I wanna drop software. The situation for me in the other subjects is relatively ok i.e in 4u I did mediocre and am ranked somewhere round 10 to 15 i need to improve exam technique as in the recent test I did quite some silly...
  15. J

    ATAR Estimate please?

    School ranking around 170 My assessment ranks: Chemistry: 21/64 English Standard: 39/166 Math Extension1: 9/44 Math Extension 2: 9/10 Physics: 11/55 Any chance of getting 80? Thanks :)
  16. A

    Confusion ABT how to prove something is purely imaginary

    Need to find values of n for which (1+I)^n is purely real or imaginary. Did the real part but imag part always screws me up so yh wanted to know how to do it. I did this so far
  17. A

    Simplifying this expression

    how would i simplify: A^2 x (Cos^2alpha+2cosalpha i sin alpha -sin^2 alpha)
  18. A

    Mindblank - how would i find the sq root of 'i'.

    ^^^ i tried equating i which can be written as 0+i with x^2+2xyi-y^2 but dont think this works
  19. A

    help required in these q's

    q1 q2 any help is appreciated