1. periodmami

    Need help with what subject to drop!

    Hey! Im stuck between dropping visual arts or society & culture. Currently, I am doing - Modern History - Drama - Visual Arts - Studies of religion II - English advanced - Society and culture Im currently ranked extremely high in all of my subjects (minus art because I failed to hand in the...
  2. kitty15003

    Food Tech or Visual Art

    Hi everyone, The subjects that I am doing right now (yr 11) are: Advanced English legal studies (distance) modern history ancient history visual art textiles The subjects I am the least confident in is textiles and visual arts,,, I'm definitely dropping textiles but I also want to drop...
  3. P

    should I be stressed about prelim? how should I study?

    I have just over a month and I have no clue how to study for such a big test, it seems overwhelming
  4. S

    HSC Chemistry/Biology tutoring

    Hello all, I am offering ONLINE science tutoring for HSC students. I am well versed in using the online Zoom platform to teach science, as it is a strong component of my degree. I have been tutoring over zoom for over a year. About me: - current pre-service teacher in my 4th year of a...
  5. T

    Selective Year 11 2021

    Hi guys so I have applied for selective in year 11 2021 and I was wondering if all schools will send you a confirmation of receiving your application cause I kinda mailed the application just so it would make it on time.
  6. B

    Recommended biology textbooks

    Hi all. I'm considering taking biology, and want to start reading ahead. What are the recommended textbooks that you use in school (for both Year 11 & 12)? Thank you!
  7. A

    What is the exact definition of prevalence?

    Hi all, I’m studying For my upcoming assessment task in infectious and non-infectious diseases and have a query about prevalence. say there was a population of 300 fish in a pond. there was a disease-causing pathogen that subsequently infected 50 fish in the population, 10 of which died...
  8. A

    Guide to Predicting HSC Marks

    Hey! Last year I sat the HSC and like most students, I tried my best to accurately predict my HSC marks (and thus, my ATAR) using my internal assessment ranks since my school didn't give us ATAR predictions. Long story short, I pretty accurately predicted my HSC marks (I was 1 mark off for...
  9. S


    Can i do UNSW double degree bachelor of commerce/science and major in accounting and psychology? Has anybody ever done this? I feel like it might sound stupid or be a waste of time :( Thank you!!
  10. L

    Chemistry Practical Assessments

    Hi Guys, I've been looking at the Year 12 assessment schedule and at my school the prac is worth 40% of internal marks. This year for chemistry, because our school was shut down, our practical assessment task was just at home and we had 2 weeks to do it, so I'm not too familiar with how it...
  11. J

    Subject Choices

    Hey guys, I'm currently studying Advanced Maths, Advanced & Extension 1 Maths, Biology, Legal, Business Services (TVET) and Business Studies. Im wanting to complete the additional unit of the Business Service Extension subject in my HSC year. If I complete the extra unit ill have 14 units in my...
  12. I

    Accelerated HSC geography

    Hi so I'm currently undertaking yr12 geography during yr11. My current Marks 27/35 20% 18.5/25 25% my current overall rank 19/20 based on both tests as assigned by the school Is a Band 6 result still achievable for Geography or is it too late for me.
  13. A

    HSC Tutoring Physics, Chemsitry and 2U Maths

    Hi Guys, I am offering tutoring for the above subjects, I have been tutoring for 6 years now with heaps of resources. If you are interested feel free to message me for a discussion.
  14. A

    97 ATAR Eng Adv (94) + Eng Ext 1 (47) + Modern History (94 )+ Biology (93) Notes and Essays

    Hey guys : D I haven't been back here in a while but I'm going to be selling my HSC notes + essays for v cheap! I went to a top 10 selective school and got a 97+ ATAR in 2019 (so these are all for the new syllabus!), pm me for more details or proof if you want haha. The subjects I'm selling...
  15. A

    Raw mark inquiry

    Hi all, I know I might’ve skipped a lot of essential readings beforehand, but I’m Just recently confused about the raw marks required for the top band of all subjects. i do the following subjects: - biology - chemistry - English advanced - maths extension 1 - maths extension 2 - SOR 1 (spare...
  16. A

    HSC mark inquiry

    Hi all, I’m in year 12 as of may 2020 and have a query about how your HSC marks for each subject is determined. at the start of the year, our year coordinator told us that we have to sweat every subject that we do - even if we do above 10 units - because our marks for each subject will...
  17. D

    EAS question

    Hi guys, I just wanted advice if anyone knows if I can get EAS bonus for minimal attendance in year 11. My reason being is my school is about 2 hours travel to get there by bus and the school was aware of my circumstances. I was having really bad withdrawals of whether or not I wanted to finish...
  18. L


    Hi guys, I did my HSC in 2017 and Im selling matrix textbooks. The tuition for the courses are worth over 1K for a term. You can buy the textbook alone!!! I have Module A, Module B matrix textbooks Topics: 1984 and metropolis and the speeches Quality content! They were super helpful and...
  19. L

    Past Trial Papers

    Hey guys, So I was wondering if anybody knows where I could get past trial papers from?? Preferably the 'more difficult' known ones (CSSA, Ruse, etc.) Help is much appreciated :)
  20. Z

    Open Discussion - HSC Subjects 2020

    This is my first ever post on this site and I honestly don't know if I put this in the right thread, however, I'm hoping I can find some people out there who do the same subjects as me so I can find out how they are dealing with the current workload I'm currently doing: Standard English...