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  1. D


    Hey guys!! So I've just started my HSC course for 2020, and I'm the only one doing Chemistry in my cohort. So I've been placed in a distance education school. Is there anybody who could share chemistry HSC notes for the new syllabus for free? I'm asking for too much already but oh well :)
  2. Z

    What is HSC Chemistry like?

    Basically I do Chemistry as I really enjoy it and need it for my future career. I'm currently doing all 6 subjects as I'm kinda scared whether I should continue doing chemistry or not? Most people are telling me that yr 12 chemistry is actually easier than yr 11 chemistry. Is that entirely true...
  3. A

    3U Maths HSC 2019 Solutions

    So I was bored and I decided to do the HSC 3U Maths for 2019. Please tell me if any of the answers are wrong. I am not a HSC student lol. In my opinion the exam was harder than last year so hopefully it scales better. Other than that have a look a through it
  4. C

    High school ranking

    won't median ATAR give better judgment than band 6 rate in determining high school ranks in NSW?? (like in Western Australia)?? Why they don't do that instead? There are discrepancies in using band 6 rates for high school ranks as some courses are way easier than some (like maths ext2 vs maths...
  5. periodmami

    Stuck on Thesis statement, please help <3

    Hey guys I have an upcoming In-depth novel study exam for 'The story of Tom Brennan'. The book discovers the impact of grief and the importance of acceptance and family. We are starting to break down how to write the essay, and therefore have been given the overall question: "How do the...
  6. M

    HSC Study

    From a previous post, I had specified I would like to achieve a solid ATAR of 95+. Through, the first week of Year 12 (ended today) I just realised I haven't got a set plan of how I am going to achieve this goal or how to do it. Through other people's form and advice, I have learnt that everyday...
  7. H


    I just started year 12 this week and have been facing an apparently 'detrimental' issue since I'm doing all 6 subjects and have no free periods which my school doesn't really accept. Since I go to a selective/private school, they are able to determine what subjects we do and if we are to be...
  8. T

    Atar estimate pleaseee

    Hey could I get an estimate please my school is ranked in the 60s. Spanish continuers (i do through NSL) : 8/71 Weighted mark: 91% Business Studies: 6/35 Mark: 89 English Advanced: 17/151 Mark: 90 Maths standard: 3/40 Mark: 93 Biology: 8/52 Mark: 80 (really low coz our tests are so hard, rank 1...
  9. H

    civil engineering or civil w architecture

    What is the difference between the two courses? Also, what is the maths difficulty for engineering like compared to high school? (i did math ext 1) Is it difficult to find a job as a civil engineer/ what is the demand for civil engineers?
  10. S

    Module C Question

    What are the chances they'll ask for a specific type of text? Or will they more likely give us an option between imaginative, discursive etc?
  11. S

    Module A Question

    I've studied John Keats Poems. What are the chances they'll ask for a specific poem? Or will they just ask to mention 2 poems?
  12. 1

    Band 6 possible?

    hey i was wondering if its possible to get a band 6 for advanced english if my ranks 52/98 in a school ranked in the 60's with around 26 people get band 6 I just happened to mess up my comprehension part for trials and mod C component but now ive covered enough practices that i feel confident...
  13. H

    Discursive Help

    So the HSC is in 2 weeks and I have nothing prepared for a Mod C discursive. I don't even know where to start. Am I screwed? Someone please give me topic ideas?
  14. O

    Should I drop Business or Entertianment VET??? pls help me

    i dislike them the same amount and both teachers are equally bad, buttttt i did surprisingly well in my business exam and assessments and am best in the class so should i stay since im naturally good at it? im bad at essays and more of a science/maths person, but ent has SO much content and it...
  15. T


    OK SO I HAVE CHOSEN MY SUBJECTS BUT BEING THE INDECISIVE ANNOYING PERSON I AM IDK IF I WANNA CHANGE NASDKASJD: SO MY SUBJECTS ARE: - English Advanced - English Extension - Legal Studies - French Continuers - Physics - Mathematics Advanced - MODERN HISTORY Backups: Visual Arts Earth and...
  16. A

    Information Digital Technology (TVET) or IPT

    I want to go into an IT field in university but I'm not sure if I should do a tafe course or ipt. I'm not sure about the scaling but I assume it wouldnt be too high for either, but which one would be worse as the content for both is kind of similar. However, the tafe course provides...
  17. B

    Is an internal average of 70% good for chemistry?

    Would that equate to a band 5 in HSC? For reference, my school was ranked in the 70s last year.
  18. B

    Standard Maths Course now on Youtube

    Hi, the complete year 11 Standard Maths Course is now on YouTube. The link to the playlist is below. If you read the description on each video you will also find links to theory booklets. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2uwLfP-xViVQhkvV0gMpzs5XySep9_xW
  19. I


    Hey guys could you tell me what mark you got in your CSSA mathemtics trials? (specifically advanced). I just want to know what the average performance was like to see if I'm doing good or not or the test was too easy. It would be nice if you could also say the average in your class, what the...
  20. F

    Is it possible to get a band 6!!!! HELP PLEASE !!!!

    Hi everyone, I've heard that the gaps between the internal ranks of students at school matter and that the internal gaps are maintained after the school marks are moderated. Is this true? If so, if a person, say, places first and attains 91% (e.g. in physics), and another places around 6th and...