1. P

    Last month of IPTTTTTTTT!!

    This is me procrastinating at my finest. How are you guys feeling? COZ WE HAVE EXACTLY FOUR WEEKS LEFT!! I don't even know if I'm supposed to be stressing. Lols
  2. T

    Anyone Struggling With IPT

    I am doing IPT remotely, This means no in-person teaching and am really struggling to learn the content aswell as stay interested. It is so very boring to be honest but I'm to late to drop it. Anyone dealt with this and got any advice? Ive had a look at some of the notes here and whilst we have...
  3. P

    IPT HSC Course Samuel Davis TB Answers

    Hey everyone, I was hoping if anyone could lead me to a copy or share a copy of the answers for the Samuel Davis IPT HSC textbook or his book's Teacher Resource Kit. It would be really helpful even if it's just for the Communication Systems chapter. Thanks!
  4. S

    Who's the user and participants for Woolworths TPS?

    I'm analysing Woolworths transaction processing system and I'm confused with the users and participants for normal checkouts, self-checkouts and online websites. Are customers participants for online websites?????
  5. queenb_3

    IPT question help

    Hi everyone, Could someone help me with the following question please? It's from the 2003 HSC IPT paper. I have no idea if the IPT syllabus has even changed and if this is included in the new syllabus Thank you!!