major project

  1. C

    What are some things I could test for with this motor for a physics depth study?

    Hey all, For an experimental report / depth study (with the theme of 'Analyse electric and magnetic interactions due to charged particles, currents, and/or fields.'), I would like to make an experiment that involves the motor with a gear box as seen in the attatcehd image (Single Motor 4 Speed...
  2. C

    What are some ideas for an experiment on electromagnetism for physics mod 6?

    Hey all, I will be conducting an experiment and writing a report on it (depth study) based on the theme of: 'Analyse electric and magnetic interactions due to charged particles, currents, and/or fields'. This experiment must be 'engaging' / creative (because otherwise, I lose marks in the...
  3. R

    SDD Major Project Ideas

    Just started year 12 and the teacher wants us to come up with ideas for our major projects. Looking for a project that can hopefully reap the most impressive mark with the smallest amount of effort/programming ability. I'm not a brilliant programmer so weary of embarking on a project that will...
  4. cadmia17

    Guide to the Major Work (with exemplar)

    Finished gathering up the resources I created and strategies I used which helped me get a 97 on my major work. I know major projects are done for now but hope this helps someone for next year. My steps: From my school's notice of assessment (1), I created a table of dot points and their...
  5. G


    Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to keep a digital logbook for the major work? Microsoft Word seems largely informal and I want something that will be professional for the final assessment. I'd also rather not keep a physical copy :)
  6. W

    Struggling with a question/specific topic

    Hi all, I am currently doing my major work for His Ext, however I am struggling to formulate a possible question or specific field of inquiry with which I can base my essay around. my overarching topic at the moment is Donald Trump, its really the only "historical topic" that interests me...
  7. R

    Textiles MTP price

    hi to whoever reads this! to people who have completed or are doing their major textiles project, around how much did you spend on it? my textiles teacher said she spent thousands on hers, but that sounds kinda crazy, is it?