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Guide to the Major Work (with exemplar) (1 Viewer)


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Sep 14, 2022
Finished gathering up the resources I created and strategies I used which helped me get a 97 on my major work. I know major projects are done for now but hope this helps someone for next year.

My steps:
  1. From my school's notice of assessment (1), I created a table of dot points and their expected marks and placed them in an .xlsx (2).
  2. I wrote the "Defining the problem" and the start of the "Understanding user requirements" sections of my report (3) before starting my project.
  3. I set up a Github for my project (accomplishes version control, creating regular backups and the logbook if you write good commit messages)
  4. I coded as much of the project as I could before time management issues set in. (I wrote about those time management issues in the report.)
  5. I did the rest of the report
I dropped 2 marks through misunderstanding my own dot point of "Create test plan" (WRITE MORE THAN YOU NEED IN STEP 1) and lost another one because I forgot to get any emails from clients (4). While I lost no marks from my diagrams, I would like to state that my teacher was fairly lenient with them and I would encourage anyone reading this guide to follow the diagram formats in the course specifications exactly.

Please let me know if this helped you or if you have any suggestions of changes.


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