maths extension 1

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    UNSW Medical Student | 99.75 ATAR | Online Maths, Chemistry, UCAT & Business Studies Tutoring

    |⭐ 98 in Advanced & Extension 1 Mathematics, 97 in Chemistry, 96 in Business Studies⭐| ✅ Online Maths, Chemistry, UCAT & Business Studies Tutoring with 2+ Years of experience ✅| 🛑 LIMITED SPOTS REMAINING FOR 2023 SO GET IN TOUCH QUICK 🛑 Hi, Saksham here! Here's a little summary about me: ✔ I...
  2. K

    I don’t know what subject to drop in year 12

    Hi i’ve begun my first (technically second) year of year 12 and i’ve still currently got 12 units i was tossing up between maths extension (and then do 11 units) or visual arts (then would do 8 units + english ext 1 and maths ext 1) and i’ve just got maths extension back for my first hsc...
  3. neqr1te

    Should I drop Maths Ext.1?

    So I got my marks back for the prelim yearlys and unfortunately I kinda flunked mx.1 (below 40% 😬).. I'm not sure what the average actually was but I do know that a lot of people I talked to got around the same or even lower than me. I can def say that I probably got a below average mark though...
  4. D

    Can't Find Past Papers From New Syllabus

    Hi, In preparation for the prelim exams, I am on the search for past papers, however, almost all of the papers I have found are from the old syllabus (pre-2018) and I am not sure where I can find new syllabus papers. So if anyone has past papers/knows a website I can view past papers for...
  5. F

    Changing tutors

    I was wondering if changing tutors in year 12 would be bad, in terms of stability and not being used to the style of tutoring. I am currently attending Dr Du in A3 class but I want to change to ProEd (Proficiency Education) because their sequences of topics do not align with my school's scope...
  6. L

    Advice for Year 11

    Hi! I’m about to start Year 11 and was wondering if anyone had any tips/tricks for me to make it through the next couple of years. General info- I’m aiming for an atar of 99.5+ (pretty ambitious ik) and I’m taking the following subjects this year: 3u Maths 3u English Chemistry Ancient History...
  7. chemojoe


    Say that I cite a geometric reason why the rev. volume/area under a curve is so rather than the expanding an integral. If I write the integral wrong eg instead of π∫[f(x)]^2dx I do π∫f(x)dx for a volume but my geometric reasoning is right (eg the shape is a hemisphere with radius 1, therefore...
  8. C

    Dropping Subjects

    I currently have 13 units and I don't think my school allows 13 units + I don't know if I can even handle it. I was thinking of dropping either history extension (which I just picked up), SOR, or Maths Extension 1. I don't know if I can handle history extension in all honesty it seems extremely...
  9. C

    Where can I find Cambridge worked solutions?

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find Cambridge worked solutions for maths extension 1 (both yr11 and 12)? Thanks!
  10. H

    99.75 | UNSW 1st Year Medical Student | English, Maths Advanced, Ext 1, Chemistry, UCAT and Medical/Dental Interview Online Tutoring

    Hello everyone, I am a Sydney Boys graduate of class 2020 with an ATAR of 99.75 and am a 1st year medical student at the University of New South Wales. With my experience teaching a range of students from all capabilities and ages, I am confident I can work with any student and help them...
  11. W

    Do I need 4 unit maths to get an ATAR above 99?

    Hello! So I'm currently in a state of dilemma because I'm contemplating whether I should take 4 unit maths (extension 2 mathematics) next term. So the subjects I'm currently undertaking are: English Advanced, Physics, Chemistry, Extension Maths and SOR. The thing is, my final advanced maths exam...
  12. timelesss

    Assumed knowledge of maths ext 1 / bridging courses for computer science in uni

    Hi everyone, I was wondering about the difficulty of university-level maths within the computer science course, and what your experiences were with bridging courses. I am hoping to study B law/B computer science at UNSW, as one of my main interests is the tech-related legal sphere. The UNSW...
  13. P

    Any copyright issues for uploading past Year 11 Prelim Maths Advaced + Extension 1 Papers for new syllabus?

    Hi all, As I've completed Maths Advanced/Extension 1 in Year 11 2019 with the brand new syllabus introduced for 2020 HSC students, I would like to upload some past papers that may be of use for current Year 11 2020 students who require past exam resources for the new syllabus. However, I am...