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  1. H

    ICanMed UCAT Prep Course for Y10

    I was wondering if anybody in Year 10 was interested in sharing an ICanMed course subscription with me. ICanMed is one the best coaching services for UCAT preparation (you can check their credentials out on their website), and I've got a discount deal for Year 10 students interested in the...
  2. A


    I am planning to eventually get into Medicine through GAMSAT after completing a bachelor degree. However I am stuck picking from either, the Bachelor of Med Science at Macquarie OR the Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Pre-Med) at UTS.
  3. A

    What HSC subjects do future doctors choose in Australia?

    For those who are looking to study medicine in the future, what kind of subjects did you choose for HSC? Also for those that are currently studying medicine, what HSC subjects did you choose? Also does doing extension subjects make your application to uni more favourable?
  4. 5

    Transfer to UNSW / WSU Med from another course in another uni

    Hi all, Is it possible to transfer to UNSW / WSU Medicine if I do another course (completely unrelated to med) from another uni? For me, that 'another uni' is USyd. There's no clear cut answer to this question on the UNSW Med website and most other threads I can find are many years outdated...
  5. W

    Do I need 4 unit maths to get an ATAR above 99?

    Hello! So I'm currently in a state of dilemma because I'm contemplating whether I should take 4 unit maths (extension 2 mathematics) next term. So the subjects I'm currently undertaking are: English Advanced, Physics, Chemistry, Extension Maths and SOR. The thing is, my final advanced maths exam...
  6. sami90210

    UCAT at uni?

    If you don't get into undergrad medicine in year 12 you can do UCAT every year until you graduate uni right? so if you do well in the UCAT in uni, do they still look at your ATAR or do they look at your uni GPA for them to give you an offer in undergrad medicine?
  7. isaezra

    what subjects to pick, and what courses to apply for, to become a doctor without wasting your money and time

    TL;DR If you want to go into medicine; 1. take chemistry, and advanced math or higher 2. sit the UCAT 3. apply for early entry into the "Bachelors of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery" (MBBS) at JCU and Curtin 4. if you don't get in, apply for regular UAC entry into any MBBS 5. if you don't get in...
  8. M

    I don’t know what course to do :(

    I really want to do medicine but unfortunately my UCAT marks weren’t high enough. So now I want to post grad med and I’m having problem choosing an under grad course to do. After asking for advice, some people suggested I do medical or biomedical science as it is a good foundation for medicine...
  9. M

    Nursing to Medicine

    Would it be a good idea to do a bachelor of nursing first and then post graduate Medicine or should I stick to doing biomedical science for an undergraduate degree.
  10. M

    Undergraduate courses for Medicine

    I would like to know what the best undergraduate courses for Medicine are and what university preferably in NSW are best for the course.
  11. M

    Biomedical Science or Medical Science

    I plan to do medicine as a postgraduate degree but I am not sure if i should choose Medical or biomedical science for my undergraduate course. Also what Uni would you guys recommend to the the course at?
  12. K

    Subjects for Medicine

    So at the moment my yr 11 subjects are: - Standard English - Standard Math - Chemistry - Biology - SOR - PDHPE I was in maths advanced in Term 1 but was moved down with a bunch of other students, as we'd 'perform better in standard'. My goal is to get into Medicine but now I'm not so sure with...
  13. C

    James Cook University Medicine Application

    I want to study medicine at James cook university and recently became aware that there is an application that you have to hand in in order to get in. One of the questions ask "What activities (paid employment, work experience or voluntary work) have you undertaken, in addition to your studies...
  14. S

    Help..UNSW med school Transfer/Apply (Aspiring medical examiner)

    Hi :awesome: , I'm currently in Yr 12, and definitely feeling underprepared, I may take a gap year to prepare for the UCAT for entry into UNSW Med depending on my ATAR. Sorry for all the questions below! Even if you are only able to answer one question, I would appreciate anything !! 1. Is...
  15. R

    Stuck with my subjects

    Hey everyone, I’m currently in Year 11 doing Advanced Maths, bio, Chem, Hospitality, Modern History and Advanved English. I’ve been struggling with advanced maths the whole year and somehow no matter how much study I put in nothing positive seems to come out of it as the result stays the same...
  16. M

    Medicine Interview training/tutoring - Med school interview

    Hi there! My name is Mina, and I'm currently a first-year medical student at the University of Newcastle. First I would like to start by congratulating you on receiving an interview offer! Take a moment to celebrate, you've earned it! Having gone through the experience myself just last year...
  17. L

    HSC Subject Selection and Medicine

    I am thinking of doing these subjects for yr 11 Advanced Math Advanced English Japanese Continuers French Beginners Studies of Religion Ancient History Are these subjects good to get a high Atar?, Do they scale well?, What are your opinions on them? I am aiming to do Medicine, and I was also...
  18. S

    Bachelor of Science vs Bachelor of Medical Science

    I was just wondering if anyone had any information relevant to these courses for my current situation: I'm currently studying Bachelor of Biotechnology Bachelor of Business and was hoping to switch to Bachelor of Medical Science and Business for 2020. However upon checking the course structure...