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  1. Bob99

    MCQ help

    Can someone explain why the answer is A. I thought the speed decreases and hence frequency increases c=fλ (B).
  2. Bob99

    2022 Physics QAT MCQ Doubt

    Answers say C I think it has to be A. Someone pls come to the rescue with the correct explanation.
  3. I


    Hey Everyone! I'm currently in the midst of completing my personal interest project for my society and culture class. I would like to obtain at least 50 responses. It would be much appreciated if you could participate in the questionnaire, it will only take less than 5 mins. It's regarding the...
  4. A

    Fort Street and Girraween Portfolios, Reports and extra cirriculars

    As someone who went to fort St and knows several people who came in in yrs 8-10 I can confirm that it is a competitive process. You will have to hand write an essay on a topic of the school's choosing in addition to providing your reports. I believe an interview is also involved. Remeber that...