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  1. J

    average internal assessment rank and aiming for band 6

    Hellooo i’m doing accelerated math and we just received our ranks for our internal assessments (without trials) and mine is pretty bad :// i got 61.9/70 (which isn’t that bad) but my rank is 18th with trials my mark is 88.6/100 and i probably ranked top 15 but i’m not too sure would this...
  2. Shinitakunai

    Is it true that your rank in a subject determines your exam mark?

    I have been reading about info concerning how the external exam mark operates. So far, it appears to me that if you are ranked first in a subject you will get the highest exam mark even if the mark is not YOURS but someone who genuinely did better on the HSC. To me, that appears quite corrupt...
  3. T

    Internal Ranks v External Ranks

    Hey! So i was wondering if i have the chance of getting a band 6 in english advanced - my school rank is pretty good its top 30 in the state, but we aren't great at english - only 20-40 people get band 6s from our cohort, but our grade in particular is expected to get around only 20 as well. My...