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selective high school

  1. D

    Year 11 HAST Entry - Penrith

    I'm currently a year 10 student looking to gain entry into Penrith Selective High School in year 11. I've done the HAST exam last year and I did well in everything except english. Last year I bought the Selectivetrial Practice exams and they were pretty good. This year I can't find any official...
  2. S

    ⭐Did you know you can transfer into a selective school from Years 7 to 10?⭐

    🚨Do you feel like your Year 6 selective results do not reflect your true abilities? Is your academic potential being wasted at your current school? 🚨 The Selective School entry process in Year 6 is undoubtedly competitive, and many bright students face challenges in securing admission. 😡...
  3. H

    Sydney Technical High School Interview

    I have been shortlisted for an interview for sydney tech, can u all give me advice on it, my interview is on monday morning
  4. Sir Jigger II

    Year 8-11 Selective Result Discussion

    Questions regarding selective entry after year 7
  5. Lima_bosty

    HAST resources

    Hey guys, I’m a year 10 student who will be applying to a selective school for year 11 entry. I was just wondering if there are any useful HAST resources for me to use as preparation for the test and if so, where can I purchase them? thank uuu☺️
  6. J

    high school typical interview questions?

    hey y'all! i got an interview for nsghs entry in 2022 as a yr 11 student and it's next week. does anyone happen to have experience with common interview qns asked, and even better, qns specifically asked by the nsghs selection panel? thank you :hug2: i'm lowkey shitting myself LMAO f
  7. V

    Selective school

    just apply to a selective school no biggie
  8. D

    Selective entry for year 11 Penrith SHS.

    Hi guys, I am in year 10 and I recently applied for selective entry into Penrith in year 11. I do not know how to prepare for it. They test for Reading comprehension, Mathematical reasoning, abstract reasoning, and written expression. How do I study for the different sections and what type of...
  9. N

    I'm doing bad internally can I still get a 90+ atar

    I just got my results from our last round of exams (the next round will be trials which is worth 30% at my school). I did so bad for every subject this time.... I don't have all my ranking finalised at this stage but here is the gist: English (adv): 80/163 Maths(adv): 90/100....yes I KNOW...
  10. T

    I've started a YouTube channel (QingClear) to post some of the *wisdom* I have gathered over my high school years.

    Hi! I've recently graduated and decided to start a YouTube channel named QingClear to share some of the study tips and general knowledge I have gathered over the past 5 or so years. Please check it out and if any of it helps you please subscribe! ;) Latest STUDY TIPS VIDEO --> (part 2 coming...
  11. C

    High school ranking

    won't median ATAR give better judgment than band 6 rate in determining high school ranks in NSW?? (like in Western Australia)?? Why they don't do that instead? There are discrepancies in using band 6 rates for high school ranks as some courses are way easier than some (like maths ext2 vs maths...