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  1. M

    Baulko, NSGH, HGHS, Girra, Ruse, Penrith preference order?

    Hi, I recently sat the selective entry exam for Year 7 entry in 2025 and I'm feeling pretty confident about my results. Now, I need to make a final decsision on the order of the schools and update the preference. Getting into James Ruse seems questionable, but the rest of my list looks doable...
  2. lzizzz

    hornsby girls high school interview

    i have an interview for hornsby girls high school on Thursday, can anyone who had an interview for hornsby girls high school or any selective high school give me advice or questions that they had been asked btw I'm in year 9 interviewing for year 10 entry if that helps :smile:
  3. Sir Jigger II

    Class of 2025 (2025 HSC CHAT)

    A page to communicate with others graduating in 2025 or completing HSC in 2025
  4. H

    Sydney Technical High School Interview

    I have been shortlisted for an interview for sydney tech, can u all give me advice on it, my interview is on monday morning
  5. B

    Modern History 25/25 Russia Trial HSC Essay. Also Vietnam, core resources.

    Selling 25/25 Russia (top 5 selective school NSW) trial hsc on question: "Discuss the ways that Stalin's policies changed Russian society and culture in the period 1928-1948" for $6 respond to thread if interested. Will also give 2 full-mark trial hsc answers on core (nazi topic) and 2 90%...
  6. S

    Year 10 2024 School applications

    I am starting to get some of my results for the schools I applied for this year and I can’t seem to make a choice where to go if all goes well. First of all, I go to a top 30 private school and currently rank around 20-30 within my cohort of ~250 students. I applied to various schools such as...
  7. N

    Physics coaching year 11 - Ace, Matrix or Sigma?

    i’m a current year 11 student studying at a top 10 selective school, and I’m deciding whether I should do physics coaching at ace or matrix. I’ve heard mixed opinions on ace and matrix but sigma has mainly positive reviews. I’ve finished module two study at my old physics coaching and I think...
  8. A

    Fort Street and Girraween Portfolios, Reports and extra cirriculars

    As someone who went to fort St and knows several people who came in in yrs 8-10 I can confirm that it is a competitive process. You will have to hand write an essay on a topic of the school's choosing in addition to providing your reports. I believe an interview is also involved. Remeber that...
  9. J

    Penrith Selective

    Does Penrith selective create new spots for y11? If so, does anyone know how many? Thanks.
  10. wzsmartypants

    2021 Year 9 application

    Hi all! I came to Australia from overseas in October 2019 and is currently trying to apply for a selective school for year 9. I only have one report which is from semester 1 2020. I'm currently in Leichhardt High but not the selective stream. I am an Australian citizen. My school choices are 1...
  11. L

    ACER/HAST past papers

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone had some HAST or ACER test papers? (Used in y8-12 selective enrollment) If anyone does, please let me know by messaging me or by replying to here (or anyway really!) I'd be super grateful and really appreciate it :) Thank you ! have a nice day.
  12. Minari243

    Will I be able to get into these schools?

    Im currently in a partially selective high school (Im in the selective stream) in year 10. But the selective stream is mixed with the mainstream in the senior years, so I would like to move schools. Also if i’m being honest this school is pretty trash, from spending too much budget on gardens to...