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  1. I

    Post Trials Grind

    Anyone recommend what papers to do after trials? My subjects are Ext 2 Maths, Physics, Economics and english advanced. I'm not sure if I should continue grinding trial papers and do more HSC papers as I get closer in or if I should just start grinding the HSC papers now. Also if anyone wants to...
  2. S

    creative writing tips for English please help

    Hi guys I’m doing English advanced. I have a creative and reflection in class exam soon. For mod C creative writing we did metamorphosis and I think spotty handed villainesses. Can someone please give me advice or tips on how I can prepare for my exam. I’m really bad at creative. How should I...
  3. S

    Marketing Essay Business studies URGENT HELP READ PLEASE

    Hi there, would anyone like to help give feedback on an essay I wrote about marketing strategies.I really need help in determining if the analysis and structure is effective and also which paragraph/s could be eliminated. Thank you! please let me know.
  4. souli

    How do you make notes? Digitally or handwritten?

    Starting yr 11 soon, and planning to make some study notes on the holidays. Do you make your notes(typing) on a laptop, etc, or handwrite them onto loose-leaf paper in a display folder or a notebook? Thank you!
  5. I

    Tips for year 12 phys study

    Anyone know how to study for year 12 phys in terms of learning the content? I was going to just read over the textbook and take notes along the way but I was wondering if anyone had any better strategies?
  6. D

    Mistakes Book

    Hi all, I am thinking about starting a mistakes book to get into a good habit of writing down all my mistakes. However, I have never done this before so any advice would be great. Thank you
  7. D


    If you are undergoing the PDHPE HSC course, then this ebook will make sure you don't lose all of your time studying which can be used for other reasons. It got me a 97 hsc mark. The ebook contains: ✅ A step-by-step plan on how to study throughout the year so you can minimise study time...
  8. LegoSlaughter

    Worth buying intoenglish or top notes study guides

    I'm looking to try and improve my english mark to a band 6 and wonder if it's worth buying study guides for each of my texts. The top notes ones are nearly half the price, but if it means it's not going to be as in-depth i'd rather pay more. The ones I am looking at are both on...