subject selection

  1. zyra

    should i do jap continuers next yr???

    i'm thinking of doing japanese continuers next year as a year 11 elective, but i'm unsure about it because i'm afraid the content will be too difficult or i will struggle with the oral or listening components.... is it difficult? i currently do it as a year 10 elective, which i find relatively...
  2. M

    how does ext2 math and english work?

    hey guys i was just wondering if anyone knew how your atar is calculated/what actual subjects you do in y12 if you take ext2 math compared to ext2 english. i may do ext2 english but im definetly not considering doing ext2 maths, i was curious as to how it all works. basically is it if you do...
  3. M

    subject selection 2024 (hsc 2026)

    hey guys im a current y10 student who is a bit conflicted on what subjects i should take for y11 and 12. i currently go to a high ranking selective school and have had straight As for all my subjects from y7-10. my options are: ext1 eng advanced math legal studies (accelerated hsc 2025)...
  4. iknewthisatschool

    sooo confused about my subjects help me ong

    So my subject selections are out and im hella confused ive selected them for the most part but im a bit unsure about some of them. my subjects so far : English Adv (mostly certain im not amazing at english im more of a maths girlie so like ima try this one out ig) Mathematics Adv (certain)...
  5. niecoups

    subject selection advice needed :’)

    hello! Im a year 10 who currently needs to be considering their subject selections and I really just have a vague idea of what I want to do but I’m really clueless in general of what is good and what is bad and all the technical stuff like being able to do a 1 unit subject, subject dropping...
  6. M

    Does business studies or modern history have more memorisation?

    I asked a similar question a while ago, but I am still in quite a predicament and can't choose between the two. I don't know anyone who does either business studies or modern history, so I was wondering if I could get some guidance. Based on the research I've done online, it seems like business...
  7. M

    Modern History or Business Studies?!

    Hello, I'm in Year 10 and about to select my subjects for HSC. The subjects I'm already set on are 3U English, 2U Maths, Legal Studies, Economics, and Music 2. I still need to choose one more subject and am having difficulty deciding between Modern History and Business Studies. In 2022, only...
  8. L

    Are my subjects good for year 12?

    Hello, I am in year 11 and after school I want to work in the tech/computers/IT area, but I've been worried about how my subjects will affect how I study in year 12. The subjects I've chosen are Maths Extension 1, Eng Adv, Biology, Modern history, Economics and Studies of Religion I. Is this a...
  9. E

    BIOLOGY V ECONOMICS (subject selection)

    Hi, I am in year 10 and going to pick out my subjects. My idea of what I want to do after school is probs medicine, so I need a high ATAR. Here are my subjects : - Ex1 Math / I am pretty good at math and maybe plan on doing x2 - Ex1 Eng / Not really that good at english, alright at it but...
  10. Z

    Has this been done before?

    RIght now I'm doing 13units - 4U math - Ext English - Business - Legal - Economics - English Advanced My rankings are -4U math (middle but very strong class --> Only done one test (pretty easy), average 80% I got 85, top mark 93) - 3U math second (one mark off first) - Business (First ->...
  11. E

    What is the maximum amount of units that you should take on in Year 12 (HSC)?

    My subjects at the moment are: English Advanced/Extension One, Mathematics Advanced/Extension One, Biology, Chemistry and Modern History. At least at the moment it seems like I wouldn't want to drop any of these subjects going into Year 12. Is this level of workload sustainable or it is more on...
  12. L

    chem vs phys??

    i only plan to pick one of chem/phys, which one should I pick? hows the difficulty/workload for each subject? ive heard that chem starts hard then gets easy, while phys starts easy then gets rlly hard?? i dont plan to do a science-related degree (eg med/compsci) so that shouldn't influence my...
  13. L

    hsc subject selection

    need some help deciding what to drop/keep (or not) for context i go to a small private school so thats why the numbers are low. i only have around ~45 kids in my cohort current (prelim) subjects: eng adv / rank 1/23 both overall eng ext 1 / rank 1/5 both overall highly recommended to keep...
  14. M

    Should I Do E2

    Next term, after finishing advanced math, I will be starting math E1 and E2 simultaneously, I know some of the E1 content due to common content with physics (vectors) but I was wondering if this workload will be too much. My school decided to start E1 and E2 in term 4 so I have not done any...
  15. M

    Do You Need To Have A Certain Amount Of PRELIM Hours For A Course?

    My friends have been switching subjects late year 11 and I was wondering if the low hours in the courses will be an issue? I believe you don't need to do the prelim course to do the HSC course as NESA allows you to switch subjects until mid year 12?
  16. Akanikio

    Subject selection exams

    my schools having subject selection exams next term to determine what subjects we do in year 11 and the exams for math and science are actually hard how should I manage my studying leading up to the exams. Also if anyone has any hard exam papers I can do that would be really helpful
  17. G

    Subject Selections

    Hey everyone, I'm in the process of selecting my subjects for Year 11, as I will be completing the HSC in 2025. Right now I'm thinking: 1. Math Ext 1 2. Math Adv 3. English Adv 3. Chemistry 4. Biology 5. Physics or Legal 6. SOR1 (Compulsory) All the others are pretty much locked in, bio...
  18. xoNat

    Y12 Subject Selections

    I'm currently doing 12 units: Maths Extension 1 English Advanced Economics Chemistry Biology Studies of Religion 1 I'm hating SOR 1 rn and failed my last exam, I have the option to take 1 unit studies in catholic thought (non-atar) instead in year 12. I'm going to take maths extension 2 in...
  19. w_starrthomas

    Subject selection - Torn between replacing a subject for drama

    Hello, I am in my school's musical, which has made me absolutely love everything about drama. However, to choose drama, I would need to replace legal studies or biology. To be completely honest, I am the least excited for biology, so I am thinking of replacing that. Is this a good idea? Also...
  20. R

    should i do french for my hsc?

    hi was just wondering about the basic look of the french scene in the hsc? i have the option of doing french continues as an accelerated course. i did french at my old school for 6-7 years so I'm very confident about being able to catch up with any writing sections however I'm not very confident...