the tempest

  1. fandagles_029

    feedback :)

    hiii, if anyone could provide feedback on my mod a essay [the tempest and hagseed] i would be super grateful, i got a 16/20 for it on the internal assessment and i would like to aim higher lol [18/19 maybe 20 if possible]
  2. ladybirdcomplex

    Looking for ideas for themes for The Tempest/Hag-Seed essay

    Helloooo, This term I'm doing Mod A (specifically comparing The Tempest and Hag-Seed) and for my assessment this term we're doing an in-class essay. I'm struggling to figure out how broad/narrow my themes for my two-paragraph essay should be. Currently I'm using imprisonment and power but I was...
  3. nickiminajscutetoes


    hi everyone, for the quote “to the elements be free,” does anyone have any analysis highlighting Felix’s transformation? thanks in advance
  4. goblinslayer

    TT + HS HELPPP!!

    hi all, i’m a bit confused on how i can link patriarchal values to purity/virginity for women in the tempest, and how can i deflect this idea in Hagseed?
  5. S


    Hi Everyone! I am a part of a group of 2021 HSC graduates who collectively achieved ATARs ranging from 96 - 99.85, excelling in a variety of subjects including; Extension 1-2 Maths, Advanced English, Chemistry and Physics. Being from different schools, we decided to compile a Google Drive...
  6. P

    Othello is superior to The Tempest - change my mind

    Iago is such a richly developed character, the only character that comes close to him in "The Tempest" is Ariel. Debate time (: