1. T

    Let us find students for you to tutor | TutorHi

    I, like a lot of other tutors who use tutoring websites to find students, am sick of how greedy some of them are. Some take 20%-40% from every lesson. Others charge a bulky monthly fee! So we made TutorHi - a tutoring platform that plans to put an end to all this greediness and we're doing so...
  2. E

    FREE Essay Marking

    Hello, I am hoping to gain experience at essay marking and so would be willing to mark essays for free for a limited time. In exchange, please write a review on this post after you receive my feedback. My credentials are that I received 1st in class for english and Dux x2 at Sydney Girls (a...
  3. C


    🌟 96 English Adv I JRAHS English Rank 10 I 3210 UCAT I HSC All Rounder I 99.25 ATAR I James Ruse Class of 2022 🌟 ENGLISH ADV/ UCAT/ MEDICAL INTERVIEW Tutor 🌟 English Adv Year 12 Rank 10 🌟 3210 UCAT (98th%) 🌟 10 Medical Interview Offers 🌟 How I smashed my interviews to land multiple medical and...
  4. L

    advice for tutoring primary kids

    any tips or advice for tutoring young kids would be great! mine is going into year 4 this year. parents havent specified if they were going to try for OC though how do you structure a lesson? where do you get your resources? how to get kids engaged? etc. thanks in advance
  5. Hivaclibtibcharkwa


    The first lesson is free! experience the tutoring first-hand! To apply for tutoring either directly message us on this website. Or email us at hivaofficial@gmail.com Our team of State ranked tutors and biology teachers are solely focused on year 12 biology, with the aim of creating the world’s...
  6. I

    Thoughts on SCOM Matt?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering what your thoughts were on Matt Cash the math tutor who used to work at SCOM? Any personal, second hand testimonials or comparisons would definitely help!
  7. I


    Can anybody help rank these tutoring centres based on personal experience or word of mouth??? (Reasoning or partial rankings would also be greatly appreciated!!)
  8. I


    Hey everyone, I was just wondering what your thoughts on skills based english tutoring (i.e creative writing, analysis skills and writing skills) or text based tutoring (i.e tutoring based on school texts). Please let me know what your preferences were for someone trying to excel in english
  9. I

    Skills vs Text Based Tutoring

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering what your thoughts on skills based english tutoring (i.e creative writing, analysis skills and writing skills) or text based tutoring (i.e tutoring based on school texts). Please let me know what your preferences were for someone trying to excel in english
  10. I

    English Adv and Possibly Ext Tutoring

    Helllo everyone, Does anyone tutor english adv or have any recommendations for good englsih tutors? (preferably in western Sydney for around $50/hr)
  11. nourished.

    HSC Economics Tutor (97) | 5+ Years Experience | 98.30 ATAR

    Hi, I'm Ben. I graduated from Sefton in 2017 with an atar of 98.30. I teach locally to Canley Heights in small group classes of max 5 students, which lets me help as many students as I can without compromising on individual attention and feedback. For this reason, I don't take on new students...
  12. sharonhu

    1st in NSW English Adv | 6 Years Experience Tutoring | Medical Student

    * 1st in NSW for English Advanced * 1st at North Sydney Girls for all English units (Advanced and Extension 1) * 7 years of HSC English tutoring experience * WSU medical student * 99+ ATAR Hi, I'm Sharon and I've tutored HSC English coming up 7 years, having graduated from North Sydney Girls...
  13. S

    Is "Alchemy Tuition" good for english advanced?

    Hi there, I was just wondering if Alchemy tuition would be good for English advanced? If not, do you guys recommend any other private tutors?
  14. B

    Experienced K-10 Maths Tutor - $25/hour

    Hi there! I'm currently a Year 12 student doing the HSC (taking Extension 2 Maths). I am offering Maths and Chinese tutoring to students from Years K to 10. I ranked 1st internally for Maths Advanced in Year 11 and have had 2 years of private tutoring experience for a range of year levels and...
  15. D

    Looking for a tuition.

    I'm in year 10 and am doing Ext. Maths, Adv. English, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, and engineering studies. I am looking for tutors for these subjects, preferably not personal. Any help would be great.
  16. S

    Is online tutoring worth it?

    It seems better to me personally predominantly because the hardest thing for many people from what I heard is balancing time and being organised tutoring and with school work. Online tutoring eliminates that so it should be better right? Has anyone who has done online tutoring seen success?
  17. C

    Fresh grad or experienced tutor?

    Hi guys, do you think that fresh grad (with state ranks/very high hsc mark) would be a better tutor than experienced tutors for English as they are more familiar to the new syllabus? And maybe they are closer to your age so they understand you more? I know different people have different...
  18. Jarjarbinx

    casual tutoring available !

    :biglaugh: Hello ! I'm Bianca, from the class of 2020 ! I recently completed my HSC with some decent results and would love to share some of my advice through zoom-style casual sessions ! You can schedule a session or two with me to look over essays, notes, assignments etc : ) here are my...
  19. L

    Best Physics teachers at Matrix Education?

    Hello everyone, I know this may sound really stupid but I have a friend who goes to Matrix and she complained that her Physics teacher was not that good (I'm not sure about that because I think all teachers have to be qualified in order to teach, maybe?). I was wondering if there are any other...
  20. C

    ATAR 98.60 Band 6 English standard/Legal/Chinese Heritage essay+notes

    Hi guys! I know HSC is a month away, and some of you are still not confident enough with your essays. I did my HSC last year in 2019 and received 98.60 for my ATAR, and I'm willing to sell all my Band 6 English standard essay and other subject Chinese Heritage, Music 2, Legal studies Math 3/4U...