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2007 journeys paper, reading response section. (1 Viewer)


Apr 16, 2012
These are my answers for 2007 reading response section, if i could get any response, marks id be given , and if possible high range answers.


A) what has T.J whilson achieved through his travels?.
J.t wilson has achieved " immense success and media interests - from selling his story's ", these story's come as a result of his travels, thus he has achieved " immense success and media interest from his travels".

b) how does the visual image build upon the idea expresses in the written text of the display poster?
the visual image builds upon the idea of selling stories frp, tje street, which he writes in the area he is selling them in, " stories for sale... all written in newtown"

c) analyze the writers use of contrast ??

the writer contrasts life in a small place and friendship in the city. Explaining that " if you meet a person who lives near you in a big city, and you don't like her, that's fine, you can conduct your life so that you never have to speak", which is contrasted with the the village of 250 she currently lives in , wherein, you " dont have that luxury... your stuck with each other", the fact that in a village, you cannot avoid the,, she said " at first i disliked this... but in time i learned that it wasn't neccessary to always speak to someone about the thing we disagreed ... several of the fols id disliked on first meeting had somehow become valued freinds".

d) identify the attitude towards journeys in ' the horizon seemed the most persuasive home.

The attitude towards journeys in " the horizon seemed the most persuasive home " is an accepting attitude. ( like 99% sure this is wrong but idk ...)

e) explain what rothwell comes to realize about is journey?

he has " slowly come to belive that a linear way of thinking and imagining yeilds scant return in remote australia", he has realised through his long journey through the outback that" a more rhythmic , reduplicates australian mental patterns fit better with the deserts and tropics, this means that you cannot look at the australian outback in only one angle, but it must be looked at through many different angles, and state of minds.

uhh.. yea i didnt do the last one cuz this was to hard..
Can someone please help me!! i have my halfyearlys next year and i need some help!! reading response was my worst part .. and i really am depending on this mark for my rank!!. if someone could please help me!! give me marks on my answers and feedback as well as high yeilding answers if possible especially for f!.

- thanks in advance!!,

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