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3U Maths (98), 4U Maths (96) - Year 9-12 Maths Tutoring EASTERN SUBURBS (1 Viewer)


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Aug 16, 2016
Hello everyone!

My name is Marco and I finished the HSC in 2017, graduating from Sydney Boys High School on the HSC all-rounder's list and an ATAR of 99. I currently study a dual degree of Law and Commerce at UNSW and my maths marks are as follows:

Extension 1 Maths: 98
Extension 2 Maths: 96

I have 9 months in tutoring experience, and I'm offering 2U and 3U Year 9-12 Maths tutoring in the Eastern suburbs (preferably Bondi Junction) and in the City area. I'm also offering Year 9-10 Maths tutoring.
I currently tutor 3 non-HSC and 2 HSC students, both of which are on track for mid-high band 6s.

I personally went from an estimate 92 ATAR to a 99, allowing me to understand the mentality required for this change. My teaching style extends off this, and incorporates various methods; the most important of which is the 80/20 principle (doing 20% of the work which counts towards 80% of the results). For instance, in maths, it is vital to realise the importance of getting 100% for the first half of the paper - yet many teachers seem to focus 80% of time on the final questions, normally overwhelming students. This is a key mistake that many students (me included) make by listening to teachers, and I strive to ensure that I provide a personalised system that works for you.

I primarily teach in the Eastern Suburbs or City area (Waverley Library, UNSW Library and State Library), Lessons are $60 an hour.

Please give me a ring or an email if you have any questions or queries, and I hope to hear from you all soon.

Marco Yu (Mobile: 0434241111) (Email: marcoyukh@hotmail.com)
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