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A Short History of Nearly Everything (1 Viewer)


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Jul 20, 2018
I realised that it's been months since I've touched my AOS, and I've realised how little I know about my text, A short history of nearly everything by Bill Bryson. I had no idea what I was thinking when I wrote my shitty C grade essay, and it's been a while. I understand that the discovery rubric is very important, so is it ok to get away with not making specific references to motifs/themes in the introduction and instead use sections of the rubric as part of the essay? E.g. instead of using the notion of conflict I just say that discoveries can be confronting and provocative through blah blah blah? I was thinking of using Gattaca as a related text, but there seems to be only one chapter on DNA that seems fitting. Is it okay to just focus on one chapter of the book? Is Gattaca even a good related text?? UGH. Any help would be appreciated

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