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another internal mark question (1 Viewer)


Well-Known Member
Jan 3, 2021
If say i was to be very close to 1st place in terms of internal marks. but externally kinda bummed out, and 1st went on to get a mid 90s would my rank see me like 'scabbing' marks from other people?

So say this happens. Internal I get submitted 92, 1st is at 94.

Externally, I get 86 and am still 2nd and 1st gets 96.

Do i get a moderated of ≈92, essentially 'stealing marks' from peers to reflect the gaps and things from externals? (for a final mark of 89, 92+86/2) Or is it pegged at me getting the 86 because i was 2nd just like internals?

Saint Dev

Dec 23, 2020
A little confusing if I am being honest but I'll try to answer. If you could clarify the stealing marks bit that would help.

Your moderated mark is going to depend on the rest of the cohort and the relative gaps between students. However, in calculating your moderated mark they maintain certain 'things'. The top external mark becomes the top moderated internal and the same with the bottom. Additionally, the average moderated internal reflects the average external whilst preserving the gaps that you mentioned. That's what they keep the same - the rest is hard to predict without actual data.

I know that doesn't answer the question very well but I think if you were to perform that far off your mark would likely be excluded from the calculations as an outlier. However, it's really hard to say with just two results.

If someone can explain better then just ignore my answer!

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