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ATAR estimate (w trials ranks and overall rank) (1 Viewer)


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May 25, 2015
First one is overall, 2nd is trial rank

School rank varies from low 300s to even in some cases in the 400s. Wont be one of the best years ever but not the worst either.

Maths ext 1: 11/16, 5/16
Maths : 7/33, 9/33
English Adv. : 1-2/50ish ( cant remember i think its 50-60), 1/50
Physics : 10/30, 10/30
Chemistry : 2/21, 3/21
SOR 1 : 2-3/70s, 3/70s

my other subject i do outside of school and in that case u cant really factor in school rank or whatever, its also not a common language and its got around the same scaling as Modern Greek Continuers (from what i've heard)

My rank in it is 5/27, 6/27. As theres I think only other centre or two that runs it and they have very low numbers (single digits) and we are the best ones. I think i'll be top 10 in the state minimum for it and it may count over one of the subjects.

If it helps my school is strong at Maths relative to our rank and bad at English.

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