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BoS Maths Trials 2018 (1 Viewer)


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Aug 29, 2018
Want some good practice for the harder questions of the HSC maths exams?

Do you want to be challenged and tested on how well you really know your stuff?

Know someone at school who is a gun at HSC maths?

It is that time of year again where Bored of Studies will be holding trial exams for:
• Mathematics Extension 1
• Mathematics Extension 2

These are aimed at students seeking a challenging paper that will push their limits and test how well they really know their stuff. The exams have been designed by our team to carefully stay within the bounds of the HSC syllabus, whilst maintaining a high standard of questions and proofs of results. They will interest you, challenge you and show you ways of thinking for certain topics that you may not have considered before. Students who have taken these trial exams in previous years can attest to this.

Students will sit the examination under supervised exam conditions and will be allowed to keep their copy of the exam paper to bring home. A team of markers will then mark the responses and post the results on this forum in due course, along with the worked solutions.

NB: Students who may be worried about losing motivation (due to results) are reminded that this is NOT intended to be an accurate reflection of the difficulty of the HSC. The questions are made to be as closely styled as possible to the HSC exams (see previous papers), but this will be your last chance to practice a full exam as close to HSC conditions as possible.


Central Queensland University (Sydney campus)
400 Kent St, Sydney
Room 2.12 (Level 2)

Monday 8th of October

Mathematics Extension 2
9:30am - 12:30pm

Mathematics Extension 1
2:00pm - 4:00pm

Target audience
It is highly recommended that students attempting the paper are comfortably in the Band E4 range, aiming for 95+ in any of the Mathematics Extension courses. The exams will very thoroughly examine your understanding of different topics, but more importantly your ability to apply this to solving problems. You will also be very much pressed for time, so you will need to be quick. It is also highly recommended that those attempting the Mathematics Extension 2 paper also attempt the Mathematics Extension 1 paper, which I guarantee will also challenge you.

What to bring
The usual materials allowed for the HSC exam, including pen and calculator. Exam writing booklets will be provided on the day.

We kindly ask that you each donate just $5 to partially cover our printing costs. If you are doing both papers you only need to pay once. The rest comes out of our own pockets. Contrary to what you might hear, we are actually NOT paid to put the time and resources into designing the paper and marking your responses. It is purely out of our passion to offer you guys something unique and valuable for your studies.

How to register
Please send me a private message here stating the following:
• Name
• School
• Which exam(s) you will be sitting (Ext1, Ext2)

If you wish to invite some friends (which I encourage provided they fit the recommended target audience described above), you may register on their behalf by providing their details as well. If you know anybody who is good at Mathematics or a 'beast' at it, I ask that you link them to this page. We want to put the best people in the state up against each other for this exam. Consider it a challenge from us.

If you do not have an account, I encourage you to make one.

Once you have registered, you will receive a student number to confirm your registration. Keep this student number with you on the day of the exam. You can use it to track your results when I put the marks online (only the student number and marks will be shown). You are only registered when I have replied with your student number.

Note we will cap registrations at 50 people for each exam, so get in quick!

Past exams and solutions
Here are some past papers since 2012 to give you an idea of what to expect. Feel free to use them as preparation for this year's paper or just practice in general.

Mathematics (2013-2015 only)

Mathematics Extension 1 (Go to "General" table for 2012-2017 papers)

Mathematics Extension 2 (Go to "General" table for 2012-2017 papers)


Look forward to seeing you there! :)
hi trebla
do you ahve any other previous trial papers for maths2u - cssa or bos or trialmaths that you could send me. am doing hsc from overseas so have very limited access to anything. thanks so uch

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