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Oct 9, 2017
Please read my literature review and provide feedback please!

Literature Review
The purpose of my literature review is to examine and analyse secondary information that is currently available with relation to my research topic. My following piece of literature reviews includes website articles, an interview and a print resource. These secondary resources show an relation to my research topic.

#1 Title: Study confirms HSC Exams source of major stress to adolescent.
Source: The Conversation
Date Published: September 11 2015
Date Accessed: 11th October 2017
Authors: Ben North, Miraca Gross, Susen Smith Link:
This article examines the cause and effects of academic pressure, along with researched statistics that support research on students with stress symptoms, and practical skills students can develop to manage stress. This article focuses on why students may experience high level stress, along with describing main causes of pressure, and how students are coping with the pressure and stress. It describes symptoms of anxiety both emotionally and physically, and finally gives advice to students on how to take care of their physical health and the importance of it, building resilience, relaxation and yoga, effective coping strategies, learning to identify when stress and anxiety become problematic, as well as the usual lessons in study skills and organisation.
This article also provides extensive statistical detail regarding stress and anxiety symptoms and, along with pressure students' experience. This can be viewed as extremely reliable as it is sustained with statistics and examples. This article is also an extremely reliable source as the author Ben North holds a PhD Candidate in Education; Head Teacher (Secondary). Miraca Gross is an Emeritus Professor and Susen Smith a Senior Lecturer in Gifted & Special Education, GERRIC Senior Research Fellow. This article contains extremely useful information in regards to my topic as it provided an extensive amount of professional information, which was reliable and relevant.

#2 Title: How the education system is making kids stressed and sick.
Source: ABC
Date Published: July 17th 2016
Date Accessed: 11th October 2017
Authors: Hayley Gleeson and Lucy Clarke Link:
This article examines the pressure on children to achieve high levels of academic success is overriding the joys of education and making kids anxious and depressed, what is going so wrong with education in Australia, and what can be done to fix it from a personal point of view. This interview and article focuses on the changes of HSC pressure and stress on students, and how those pressures are affecting students' mental health. The interviewee of this article is a mother of a daughter who experienced the HSC with large amounts of stress and anxiety, and shares her point of view of the effects of stress created by HSC on students emotional and mental wellbeing. Lucy Clarke (the interviewee) explains her daughter's situation on the mentality behind stress from HSC and gives an array of opinions on the education system, and the effects it may have on not just her daughter but students from Australia’s population.
This article lacks any specific statistical data, and could have shown a more-in-depth response in regards to the emotional and mental side of stress from the HSC. This article is only partly reliable and valid, with some personal experience. It is necessary to treat with caution as the subject may be lying or exaggerating.
In saying that, this article is useful to my topic as it gave a personal experience and point of view on emotional and mental effects of stress on students wellbeing. Although statistical data could have been sustained, it was still relevant to my topic.

#3 Title: The ultimate test, David VS The Avalanche of Exams
Source: Headspace
Date Published: 24th April 2012
Date Accessed: 11th October 2017
Authors: Melbourne creative agency Draftfcb
This print resource focuses on the amount of exams and other practical school work rather than the impacts of school stress. This print resource could be aimed at people who know they’re affected by HSC stress and seek advice, and treatment available. This print resource was apart of a campaign by National Youth Mental Health Foundation Headspace to raise an awareness on mental health which will be reached to young people of 12-25 who are eligible to use the foundation for support. This print resource is part of a total of 6 other print resources, but David VS the avalanche of exams is most relevant to my research topic.
In saying that, this print resource is useful to my topic as it gave me a focus on the physical part of HSC that students may experience rather than an emotional and mental aspect.

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