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May 29, 2003
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Now that the ancient exam is over (and the hsc will be over as of tomorrow, 12th of Nov :p), it'd be great if you could submit your notes to help any future ancient student. The syllabus is changing slightly, but you can check out the draft syllabus here: New Ancient History Syllabus for implementation in 2005 . It is very similar to the old syllabus, except that the new one has a Core Study on Cities of Vesuvius, and there will still be a Personalities, Socities, and Period sections, but the fourth Additional will not be included as it has been taken over by the Core Study.

Your notes are welcome at the Bored. Your best bet is to go here: Submit Notes and submit your notes on to the Bored website. One of the friendly mods/admins will be sure to add them through asap so that the future students can have access. Please title them appropriately, in terms of whether they belong in the Personalities/Periods/Societies section and then specify what topic they are from. :)

Asy and I will be sure to start fixing up the Ancient History forum, so that you can access information more efficiently and rapidly. We will also be uploading our own notes.

I know some people don't like to give up their notes, and that's cool, no pressure! But if you would like to give back to the Bored Community (as I hope we have helped you immensely this year), then please upload your notes.

If you are having any troubles, please do not hesitate to PM myself, Asy or Anti. :)

Enjoy your holidays :D

Thanks to foxster: The new syllabus applies for year 12 2006. as those in year 12 2005 it is the same :)
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