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Can I still achieve an ATAR of 95+ when I've screwed internals? (1 Viewer)


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Nov 10, 2014
Hi guys I usually don't post on forums like this but I'm really worried about my final ATAR

I've just finished a few of my trails and don't think I did well at all. Throughout the year I'm been achieving below average to bottom ranks for my subjects with marks in the 70-80s and even 60s.

Thing is, I go to one of top selective schools so I'm really confused how much ranks do matter?? I'm aiming for an ATAR of 96 but that's around the school's average, so is it still possible to achieve that when I'm ranked so badly lol. and what kind of marks would I need to get for the HSC to achieve that?

Also my ATAR estimate after half-yearlies was a measly 88 so that kind of put me down a lot :((

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