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Can someone help me (1 Viewer)


New Member
Mar 6, 2018
So I have this question
Evaluate​ the effectiveness of legal and non-legal measures in dealing with the Care and Protection of children in Australia
My first paragraph is about the media
(The media is greatly effective in regards to the protection of children through the exposure of child abuses and deaths, resulting in society becoming aware of the injustice towards vulnerable children occurring all over Australia. Despite more than 40 inquiries since 1997, and the transfer of foster care to the private sector, sexual abuse and neglect remain. While the government wanted to shift part of the responsibility to non government organisations in order to deal with the most serious cases, children who had been removed from their homes due to child abuse found further abuse in out of home care, which is why the media shed light on the broken homes case. Jessica had faced strong sexual abuse and mental health issues but was taken to residential foster care, an unsafe environment shared with children who had faced neglect and staff that hadn’t been trained properly enough to ensure safety. The number of child deaths attracting media attention was also effective as it resulted in James Wood looking into why the system was failing so many children, hence why he wrote a 1100 page report containing 111 recommendations. By the time he recommended third party providers assume many of the government's child protection responsibilities, children were already failed, which could have been prevented if they were ensured complete safety through enforcement of consequences and further investigation into how private organisations protect children by the government, instead of focusing on the cases in front of them. Despite media actively contributing to informing the lack of care and protection of children in Australia, measures need to be taken and handled effectively by the government.)
I'm not sure if this is good
And my second/third focuses will be on the Parental responsibilities for the control and care of children and Mandatory reporting and role of government agencies


Active Member
Feb 25, 2017
lol I just did care and protection of children nsw for my legal oral presentations, I have a 2 page document on legal/non-legal measures on this comtemporary issue, it’s not exactly detailed but it could help you on knowning to write, there’s legislations, cases like two media articles and I don’t really have a lot of statistics but it is in my bibliography!! Want me to pm you it?

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