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Dec 1, 2018
Hey guys!

I've recently sat the UCAT and I received a very strong result well into the 90th percentile range. For anyone wishing to sit the UCAT next year, the earlier you compile your resources, the better. This is simply because; the earlier you start studying the better! The more time you give yourself to study for the UCAT will only be beneficial for you.

In saying this, I wanted to share the resources that I used along my journey preparing for the exam. I compiled these different books and went through answering most questions and this helped to expose me to as many different types of questions as possible.
Medify is great, however, I found these books to be more difficult on the most part, this allowed for me to prepare for the worst case scenario which definitely benefited me seeing as though many people including myself seemed to find the actual UCAT (particularly VR, DM and SJT) to be more challenging than Medify.

The UCAT is a numbers game, the more questions you are exposed to and the better you are able to identify patterns in repetitive question types then the quicker, better and more adeptly you will be able to answer these questions.

The books that I have collected are:

Score Higher on the UKCAT (Success in Medicine) - 2014
Mastering the UKCAT - 2018
How to Master The UKCAT - Over 750 questions
Mastering the UKCAT - 2015
How to Pass the UKCAT - Unbeatable Practice for Success
The Ultimate UKCAT Guide

Collectively, these books are worth ~$130. This is a considerable amount of money and so I am pricing a package of these books (in PDF format) for only $20! If you are interested please feel free to message me and we can arrange something out! Remember that a strong UCAT score could be the difference maker between getting into a medical school and not. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon :)

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