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Oct 9, 2017
I wanted to work on some creative writing pieces for discovery and this is what i got so far! please comment ideas, opinions, tips etc! (PLEASE KEEP IN MIND IT IS NOT 100%)

What has been forgotten, and how has it been rediscovered?
Previous trauma was forgotten once Anton began his new life but is then rediscovered when he see’s something familiar which triggers his flashbacks.
How has the Discovery of the forgotten been transformative for the individual?
Seeing the creep triggers the trauma of the night he bailed on his mrs wondering if she was still alive, and the guilt that falls upon him for leaving her in the unknown. The trigger has caused Anton to experience flashbacks of the traumatic event which causes his personality to grow cold over time, cutting everyone off transforming his overall self
How has the transformation as a result of rediscovering the forgotten renewed the self-perception of the individual?
He continues to see the creep around town, but it is just his mind tricking him which changes him and eventually making him feel and become crazy. (consider changes in sights, sound, feeling, smell, taste)

NAME: Anton Mattsson
AGE: 34
HEIGHT: 176 cm / 5 ft 9 in
WEIGHT: 77 kg / 169 lbs
BIRTH DATE: February 11, 1904
HAIR: Delicate blonde hair
EYES: Grey eyes that glistened brightly as a cold, metallic colour such as the most excellently polished suit of armour
BIRTHPLACE: Stockholm, Sweden
Ambitions: Be a successful lawyer
Educational background: Stockholm University
Occupation: Lawyer
Hobbies: Smoking cigars, drinking whiskey, and poker
Why is character likeable? In the beginning he is quite patient and loving to his girlfriend showing a sweet, romantic side
Why is character hated? In the end he bails his girlfriend


NAME: Hannah Klasson
AGE: 32
HEIGHT: 162 cm / 5 ft 4 in
WEIGHT: 50 kg / 111 lbs
BIRTH DATE: June 19, 1906
HAIR: Soft brown, like the bark of an oak tree, not dark but simply gentle in any light. Without red or golden hues it reminded me of a childhood teddy bear
EYES: Her eyes were the color of milk chocolate edged with a deep forest-green. Sometimes the two colors seemed to swirl together like moss creeping over rich soil
BIRTHPLACE: Stockholm, Sweden
Ambitions: Have a big family in the country while having a small business of dress making
Educational background: N/A
Occupation: Dress Maker


Exposition - the character's normal life, up to the point of the "inciting incident" that pushes them into conflict.
Anton and his newly engaged girlfriend Hannah were both born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden 1930. They come from financially stable families who both encourage their children to a wealthy, happy life and completely support their relationship. They seemed to have everything. Anton works as a lawyer such as is father did and wanting to continue the family business. Anton works full time Monday till Friday, 9-5 but Anton is a workaholic so he tends to work on his days off too. His typical days are spent by waking up at 7am, have his wife prepare a breakfast, dress in his suit and suitcase and leave. When he returns his wife is already home from work preparing dinner, his kisses her, makes conversation and has some whiskey and a cigar to relax before dinner. Hannah works in a local shop as a dressmaker. Her typical days are spent by waking up 6, dresses appropriately, makes breakfast for Anton, kisses him goodbye and leave for her work. She then returns home usually always with groceries in her hands, begins dinner til her husband is home who makes conversation. Anton and Hannah were planning to go out of town to celebrate their recent engagement in a ski cabin were they could be alone on their weekend getaway. They will leave at 6:30 when it is late after work, and take an hour drive to the cabin. It is up on a winter mountain, surrounded by a forest where they’re completely alone to themselves.

Rising Action - the conflicts, struggles, and pitfalls that the character faces while trying to achieve their goals. In three act structure, the second act, and usually the meatiest portion of the story.
An unknown man takes Anton and his Girlfriend and put them in an unknown warehouse, they hear animal noises but cannot pinpoint what animals. Eventually the man brings out raw animals one by one and forces them to eat it or otherwise they’re punished in terms of physical abuse. Anton manages to escape, leaving Hannah behind in the unknown and starts running in the forest for safety. He then gets this urge to start climbing the trees to be away from the ground, he then sees some light from a town and starts jumping tree to tree like a monkey to reach the town for safety. In time, an old woman takes him in and he becomes apart of the town, begins a new life and a new persona.

Climax - the most important part! The point at which all seems possible or impossible, and the character must decide whether to go for the win or take a graceful failure. The turning point of the story where the conflict comes to a head.
In years time, Anton is apart of the town and has been quite popular, being apart of the political party who builds and knocks down buildings. He is in town one day with the old lady helping her to buy groceries at the market. He then sees a man who reminds him of the one who took him and Hannah. He begins to panic but brushes it off. Eventually over time he keeps seeing the man and this causes him to rediscover the trauma of that night. He has nightmares, and starts changing, feeling guilty and potentially going crazy.

Falling Action - how things unfold after the climax, the hero wins or loses, all loose ends are tied up, leading to…
The rediscovery of the trauma gets so bad that he goes crazy and tries to kill the man he sees but ends up killing someone else. He is then arrested and taken to court which has stated that he can avoid jail if he goes to a mental health ward so he cannot cause more harm and get help.

Denouement - a new balance, normal life once again, but different (or perhaps not so different) from the "normal life" of the character's exposition.
He then begins his new life in hospital where he is calm and sustained with medication and therapy after a few months of the incident, but one day he sees the man again and the story ends with a hanger.


On Saturday, March 10 1951.
I saw him today. The same face I swore i’d forget. I felt my stomach drop as I became inflamed with anger as I remember the touch of his rough hands, and the smell of the rich wine from his breath. My feet were screaming to run, run away, but there I stood completely still as my mind dances back to that night. I can still hear the squeals as If it was present, i can feel the rope that splintered my body, the jazz music he played, and the taste of iron that my tongue swirled around, as I chewed the red flesh from the animal who was colder than ice. Then I remember her… and I remember my feet running as if I had no control over them. The guilt Is ice in my guts. It could be a hundred degrees out and I'd still be frozen on the inside. I can't melt it on my own, I can't shift it at all. It’s been years since I last discovered the trauma of that night, i've begun a new life, a new person since then. Why are the memories rediscovering me?

On Thursday, June 7th, 1951.
Am I going crazy? He stood across the room and smirked - just a small pouting of the lips, narrowing of the eyes and tilting of the head. I felt the room go cold and my complexion grew pale. I felt my mind travel back to that night once again. I saw her, lying lifeless. I stroked her translucent skin, and brushed her hair that reminded me the colour of summer baked mud. I remember how she hated it. She wanted golden locks or strands between auburn and fiery red. But to me it was perfection. Is this a dream I wonder? As i can still feel the bruises that had been left in every corner, legs shaky and pain was rushing through my body like an igniting fire. It feels like it’s history repeating itself. In this dream I continued staring at my mistake until I heard the slamming door and squeals. I woke up in my reality and saw no one. What is happening? The thoughts are accelerating inside my head. I want them to go so I can breathe, but they won't. My breaths come in gasps and I feel like I will black out. My heart is hammering in my chest like it belongs to a rabbit running for its skin. The room spins and I squat on the floor, trying to make everything slow to something my brain and body can cope with. I feel so sick remembering the night.

On Saturday, July 20, 1951.
In a matter of weeks, i continue to wake up drenched in sweat from the same nightmare over and over, night and day. Why is this happening? It feels as if God is punishing me for forgetting my trauma, for forgetting my old life, for forgetting her… I sit and pray and beg on why God wants me to rediscover this pain, Why does God want me to suffer again. Maybe I am crazy after all? I can’t leave the house anymore. Everywhere I look I see him. The same pouting of the lips, narrowing of the eyes and tilting of the head. Everywhere I see him, i feel the world go numb, i feel my mind wander into a daydream of that night. Why can’t I forget it? No matter how much I remorse for leaving her that night with him… the pain of guilt continue to grow. God answer my prayers and forgive my sins.

On Monday, August 17, 1951
I felt my stomach ignite with fire as i saw the familiar face within town, the same familiar pouting of the lips, narrowing of the eyes and tilting of the head. I no longer felt the world stop and go numb, i no longer felt the guilt, but i felt myself grow in anger, losing control of who I am. White knuckles from clenching my fist too hard, and gritted teeth from the effort to remain silent, hunched form exuded an animosity that was like acid - burning, slicing, potent. My face was red with suppressed rage. Time went past in a blur, forgetting my next actions, but when I regained my sense of time I saw him. His coat was stained with blood and gashed in several places; driven into his chest by a downward blow, body was lifeless in the middle of the street. Nobody had attempted to move it. Was this the end of him? The end of nightmares, my traumas? There was no noise, the world went cold and silent. I looked around and saw the shocked faces staring at me. What have I done? I look down onto the lifeless body, it wasn’t him.

On Sunday, December 4, 1960
It’s been awhile since I last wrote... You’re probably wondering what happened next. Well, lets just say I write this from a mental institution, ordered by the courts. The place is dead and dull but I guess on a positive the nightmares have gone. I sit and write by a small window, i can barely see outside of it, but I can see enough to at least know what the weather is or what colour the trees are. My body isn’t so frail anymore, and my hair has stopped falling out from stress too. The guilt is still something that sits heavy on my chest. The guilt for her that night, the guilt i feel for my beloved Hannah. I wish she knew how much I miss her, and how sorry I truly am for leaving her in the unknown with him. Maybe she’s alive and well, happy, and with kids running her dress shop like she always talked about. View attachment Untitled design(1).pdfView attachment Untitled design.pdf

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