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Feb 22, 2017
Sydney, Australia
Currently a MQ student with too many electives, and Usyd have subjects I'm interested in. Interested in European Studies, which is sadly not offered at my university. Plus, next semester all my MQ subjects are going to be completely online so no ~campus confusion~

I 'applied' for it at Usyd's application feature (it's not complete) and it's asking for 'support' of my application. I assume that's a transcript and a completed support form done by Macquarie staff. I sound completely naive, but I have some queries.

-Is the cross-institutional program at Usyd competitive? Spots are limited (as Usyd told me in an e-mail), so what time frame am I working with? Am I competing against many?

-They are asking why I'm interested and applying. Kind of vague, but if I just say the truth- that it interests me and will broaden my horizons, not offered at my uni, that should be okay?

-I looked everywhere online for an application form for Arts & Social Science faculty. I can't find one. I found one for the Education and Science departments, however. If I just submit my transcript and my Macquarie approval letter, will that be enough?

-Any fees (besides course fees, duh) that I should be worried about? (i.e an application fee).

I understand that's alot, and any information you know about cross-institutional study at Usyd would be greatly appreciated (even if you think it's nothing. Tell me!) I just find Usyd's main website to be confusing (once you login, it's much more smooth) and it's quite clear that its still in the middle of updates. Oh well, here's hoping I figure it out!


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Jun 18, 2013
I can't offer many of these questions, but...

I'm fairly certain you aren't competing against many people. I haven't met a single person who is officially enrolled into another uni (that said, I study maths...). I think your chances are good.

Regarding your interest in applying, I don't think you need to write much for it. But perhaps mention that you are very passionate about what it is that you're studying, and that you're consider USYD as a potential institution for post-graduate study (regardless of whether you actually are, lol).

I'm not 100%, but I doubt you have any application fees or anything.

Good luck! I hope someone who is more knowledgeable about the process responds to you to.

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