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Aug 10, 2020
For first upcoming english assessment for yr 12

we have to relate a particular text to dobson and the human experience
" 1. You are to independently find and read/view/listen to an appropriate RELATED text that represents human experiences, and reflect on the following questions:
❏ What are the individual and/or collective human experiences represented in the text? ❏ How are the experiences represented through form, structure and language?
❏ How does the representation of these human experiences challenge/reinforce your perceptions and assumptions?
2. You are to prepare and deliver (to an audience of your peers), a 3 minute presentation, using appropriate technology, in which you:
● justify your choice of related text by presenting an overview of the text and context, a reading/playing/showing of a significant extract (this cannot be longer than 30 secs);
● analyse how your related text represents both individual and/or collective human experiences, using at least three techniques; ● identify and explain how your related text has given you insight into human experiences; ● and compare the text with your prescribed text(s) and how it represents human experiences. \

And so I'm wondering if anyone knows any text that would relate to dobson.
Right now imthinking about "The Pedestrian" and to relating it Dosbon but idk how I would need help for it . :)))

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