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Aug 30, 2013

My name is Dr Jason a graduate from the University of Sydney (USYD).I have been practicing as a doctor for the last 7 years and have been doing interview training for the last 10 years.
I am one of the LEADING Medicine and Dentistry interview tutors in Australia given my experiences as a previous Volunteer Medical School Interviewer for a renowned Australian University.

I am here to change you into the confident and charismatic candidate the interviewers are looking for.

I have mentored over 300+ future doctors and dentists who have obtained entry into medicine and dentistry universities across Australia and overseas.

9 out of 10 students get into medicine or dentistry.

Why do I still do this?

I currently work as a general practitioner and clinical editor at a local health organisation aimed at educating other general practitioners. However, I love teaching and mentoring and this is why I continue to do this. I have continued to teach medical students and other doctors (junior and senior) in my current role as a doctor.

I was not a naturally gifted speaker and I have failed in the past due to lack of practice and mentorship. I am proof that interview skills can be learnt. Luckily I found a world-renowned neurosurgeon that helped me obtain entry into medicine. Without proper mentorship it is often a difficult and treacherous path but my job is to make it easier (although it is never easy).

I want to be that mentor for you, to watch you succeed so we can celebrate together.

Why are interviews so important
Medicine and dentistry are becoming increasingly competitive with thousands of applicants per year but only a handful of positions. I have seen far too many candidates with amazing ATAR and UCAT scores fail to get an offer. It could be nerves or a slip of a tongue that could mean whether or not you are selected.
Interview skills can be practiced, honed and improved just as with any other skill. Do not believe in anyone saying you just have to wing it. These skills you will take into the future when you apply for jobs even as a doctor (Yes, there are plenty of interviews ahead).

Don’t be a deserving candidate that fails because of poor preparation.

How will I help you?

My goal is to use your story and experiences to perfect a prodigious response that will AMAZE any interviewer. I will not encourage you to concoct responses that are disingenuous but work with you. Often students have outstanding experiences but fail to express it in a formal and structured manner, which showcases their attributes.

In addition I have developed structured methods to tackle any scenario, role-playing, video/picture questions that are thrown at you.

I will give candid feedback on your performance and your chance of obtaining entry.

Given my experience in the health industry and at mentoring junior doctors we can also explore the “real world” of medicine and assists you through your journey as a medical student and doctor.

Is interview training worth it?
Interview scores can count as much as 33-100% of your admission score. This is a HUGE component and should not be underestimated.

Let me put the opportunity cost of not receiving an offer into perspective. Your other tuition fees probably outweigh the cost of interview tuition yet the interview will probably count the most. In addition, a year’s worth of lost salary as a doctor significantly outweighs any monetary investment you make for tuition.

Not to mention the emotional roller coaster you will have to endure when you reapply the following year.

It is not worth another year of stress and worry!

What I offer for the interview-training program?

- Psychology behind the interview
- Potential marking criteria
- Structured methods to dissect personal, scenario, role-playing, video/picture questions
- Interview structures (MMI, Panel interviews)
- Verbal communication (Amplitude, Speed, Pauses)
- Non-verbal communication (Gestures, Posture, Tone, Eye contact)
- Dress code and grooming
- Detailed summary on areas you need to improve.
- Access to past questions from various universities over 400+ questions.

I only offer 1 to 1 sessions, which are adapted for each student. This is in contrast to other preparation courses and workshops where you get minimal direct advice on your responses. We will analyse your answer and behaviour to the nitty gritty details.

$200 for 1.5 hours of 1 to 1 tuition conducted over Skype

Varies depending on my schedule. Can only accept a limited number of students due to other work commitments.


How long will it take for me to improve?

This varies depending on the students but on average 3-4 of personalised feedback and guidance can significantly improve your responses. However, this depends on the individual.

Can you mentor me for universities/colleges overseas?

The same attributes are being tested in all medicine/dentistry schools. The same concepts apply. I have helped students gain entry into medical schools in the UK, USA and New Zealand.

Do you teach the UCAT or GAMSAT?

No, I only teach interview training and proofreading for applications.
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Sep 17, 2012
Bump + able vouch for Jason
Amazing person to talk to, esp about reading a lot of his post's on BoS
Also provided quite adequate tutoring for USyd and did help a lot for UniMelb (got a place there).
Definitely recommend to anyone serious about entering medicine. It's hard to learn things in a group setting, whereas Jason forces you to practise on a 1 on 1 scenario (which is going to be your interview).

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