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Sep 1, 2014
Western Sydney, Australia
this is a predicament that's been bugging me for a while - two, actually. i'm doing performance poetry for my major work, and with my draft due by the end of this week, i'm struggling to find a way to have it done. my teacher tells us that it doesn't need to be from start to finish, which isn't really the main problem; my problem is where to stop. two of my other classmates in the class (we're literally a class of three ahah) are doing short story - in my perspective, it does seem easy to find a place to stop as a wip, because you can place milestones for the story (i.e. - stop at 2000 words for a draft). since performance poetry is a sound medium, the limit is on how long you'd speak for rather than the word count. so my main question is: how far should i go into this first draft?

the other predicament i have really just concerns the perfectionist in me. i've drafted poems/stories before, but when i do it, it's based on a quantity over quality mindset and typed straight off the whim - i.e. spill all the ideas at once to shape later, at least establishing some structure to it. this serves as a problem for myself, since i haven't written a first draft where i had to put real thought to create something decent. this is also a fairly large concern in regards to what i'm writing; compared to the past works i've listened/read - both performance poetry AND poetry - mine has a more colloquial direction and has some elements of monologuing (a la george watsky, simon armitage), but still keeps some poetic devices and structure. so my second question is: how "decent" would the first draft need to be?

sorry if this is a bit long to read - i really don't post on the forums too often. heck, i'm barely around here anyway, haha p:

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