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May 16, 2024
Does anyone have any advice on how to choose texts that I could use for my IRP? My strong points are in creative writing (always full marks) however I'm not so confident in a critical response or creative non fiction...usually in essays I would get maybe around 15-18 out of 20. Last time I asked my teacher to explain the difference between a critical response and creative non fiction but I couldn't understand her explanation.

I put in a proposal for Paradise Lost and Frankenstein and something along the lines of "how does author's critique of trad religious themes subvert modern views (audience's) of identity" Any tips on making the question more intertextual? I want to discuss Shelley's critique of Milton's emphasis on religious belief as a basis of identity.

Also I'm not too sure if I'm into those two texts anymore, I love classical literature themes like religious ideas and human response (temptation/redemption/desire/the other) and have some text ideas for hypo/hypertext but I don't know if my current one will suit a critical response or creative non fiction. I don't think I have a specific "take" anymore that I can use for critical response.

I would like to write a short fiction for my IRP but if I did I'm not sure what text I can appropriate....any suggestions?

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