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Feb 10, 2014
'Explain the causes and effects of economic growth and its impact on ecological sustainability in the Australian economy. In your response you should refer to the economic information provided'

Stimulus 1) - 'asset bubbles in shares and property could burst in the next 6 to 18 months, according to one of the country's more bearish investment experts, who is warning baby boomers that their retirement savings are at risk'- SMH 2015

Stimulus 2) - 'trade offs in the management of conflicting environmental, social or economic goals should always be considered in the light of principles of ecologically sustainable development' - the Australian collaboration

Hey guys I just need help in structuring this essay... I'm finding it difficult to answer the question while integrating the stimulus.
Any help would be appreciated greatly !!!

Answers suggested
- sources of growth - Agg demand
- define growth and ESD and intergenerational equity
- trade off between the two
- Simon K theory that growth and ESD can be simultaneous
- effects of economic growth on employment
- international business cycle
- inflation
- inequality
- external stability
- government policies to promote growth and ESD

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