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Aug 7, 2019
Hi, I go to a pretty good ranked school ~ 20 ish, but my internal ranks and marks aren't great - i know moderation/scaling will take us far because our internal assessments r really hard

These are the subjects im most worried about:
My Eng Adv trial mark was 80/100 and overall im ranked 55/140
My Eng Ext trial mark was 39/50 and overall rank about 10/30
My Biology trial mark was 60/100 and overall rank im about 45/60
My Chemistry trial mark was 40/100 and overall rank i think 75/90
My ancient trial mark was 90/100 and overall rank 7/13
My maths trial mark was 55/100 and overall rank 70/80

For these subjects, is a band 6 possible?
Our general stats per subject are:
24-30 band 6s english adv
10 band 6s english ext
30 band 6s biology
35 band 6s chemistry
8 band 6s ancient
51 band 6s maths

I'm about 25 ranks out for english advanced, which is the subject im most worried about, but from what i know - there is a 4 mark difference between me and the person ranked 10th - so everyone must be clustered here in the high band 5 to low band 6 range - do you think if i do very well in the hsc i can get a band 6? even just a bare 90 or 91/92 ish?

Considering that my biology and chemistry marks fall within the band 5 range - i dont expect to exponentially increase in ranks/marks, english advanced is a wierd one because everyone is clustered and i can possibly get a band 6, english ext is a band 6/e4 & ancient history is also a band 6 and maths is the cusp of band 4 and 5- can you give me a atar estimate?


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Dec 6, 2018
North Shore, Sydney
Hey there!

First of all, best of luck with the HSC exams next month! I’m sure you’ll do amazingly well.

To give you the short answer: yes. It is still possible, it just might be a bit harder given some of your ranks aren’t quite there.

But to give you the long answer, it’s definitely difficult to tell due to the nature of the HSC exams being easier than your trial exams. My advice would be to not worry about whether you think you fall out of a particular band, because that becomes demotivating for you and at this point, it is something you don’t want.

You’re in a good school — top 20 — so you’re in good hands in that your cohort will likely help you bump a few extra marks too. But what you need to now focus on, is your ability to do the best you can in the HSC exam itself. Nothing is out of the picture, so long as you put your head down and really study well the next month.

I’m sure you’ll do better than you expected! Best of luck with the HSC once again!

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