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Sep 11, 2020
with french this year, rather than running a beginners course as well as continuers, the school put three of us beginners into the continuers course and basically said 'just work hard and you'll be fine' - which has worked for me, since i came second in the last assessment.
i would like to do languages/linguistics at university (and not necessarily in australia, so my subject choice will matter a lot more on applications), and i think that taking an extension language will look quite good - better than standard maths, which is what i would drop if i were to take extension french. i would also just rather be on 11 units in general (and if i screw it up, it won't count - all my other subjects are good in terms of marks).
however, i know that extension languages are by no means easy, and given i'm still pretty new to french in general, i don't know how confident i'll be. i do love learning it though, and from what i know there's a film analysis which sounds pretty good.
could anyone give me a bit of a heads-up as to what the extension french course involves, and how difficult it is compared to continuers level? thank you!!


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Aug 22, 2019
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Hello! French Extension does indeed require students to watch and thoroughly analyse a film. The film currently assessed is Intouchables, a 2011 film, and was preceded by Neuilly Sa Mère, a 2009 film. Taking French Extension is definitely a good thing to do if you wish to further your studies of French (or another language) beyond year 12, but you must study regularly and be determined to achieve good results in addition to currently performing well in French Continuers (which I'm assuming you are considering your rank in your last assessment).

French Extension is a more difficult/demanding course than French Continuers as you're expected to provide more complex written and spoken (including monologues) responses in French as well as being able to demonstrate a high ability to respond to film analysis questions. One of the main differences between French Extension and French Continuers is that the former doesn't include listening sections as part of exams, unlike the latter.

The film analysis component requires students to study 9 specified extracts from the prescribed text, which deal with one, a combination of, or all of the following social issues:
  • Acceptance
  • Resilience
  • Identity
Voilà, j'espère que ça t'a aidé ! Bonne chance pour tout ! N'hésite pas à me contacter si tu as besoin d'aide. 😄

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