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Dec 22, 2018
Sorry, all my threads are the same, but this is such a perfect niche for my questions...

I’m looking to apply to Hurlstone and James Ruse mid year. I’ve kind of given up on Ruse at this point, because I feel my entire enrolment was riding on competitions that I won’t be able to include in my application due to how late the results are given, but I’m still going to give both a try.

At the moment I’m a bit behind as I fell ill, but I’m catching up, and apparently my grades are really good, however, I feel that’s kind of base level for selective schools, and I need to raise it up a few ( or one million ) extra notches.

Just wondering what extra activities you guys would recommend? Things I can include on the enrolment application? I’m planning to take ballet, and I’m also conversation in Japanese up to JLPT4, I’m also part of the student leadership group, and I’d like to try volunteering... I’m also trying to get into the second math extension. I didn’t do any work last year so I’m in the bottom class..

Once again, ideally I’d like to involve myself in competitions, but I feel like it’s too early in the year for any of them to be running. I’m especially confident in my artistic skills, but I’m not taking any electives at the moment due to a complication on my school’s part, and I don’t do well in a visual arts ‘class’, so I can’t include anything to do with that.

On the subject, what does ‘academic achievements’ entail? ( referring to what they say to include with the application ). Is it strictly school awards? If so, how can I get these? I’ve gotten a few achievement awards, but surely these are for middle schoolers?

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