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Failing General Math.... (1 Viewer)


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Oct 9, 2017
I am currently failing general math as i am currently getting less than 10-5% in all exams/assessments plus coming last in the class. It isnt that im not trying; ive put it in the hard (tutoring, make it priority, extra help etc) but its just not changing. I have also tried dropping, and changing teachers which was unsuccessful.

As trials, and the hsc come closer, the stress and overall anxiety is increasing as how much it will affect my ATAR. In terms of my other classes, im doing standard english, pdhpe, cafs, and senior science where im performing well in them, its just math.

Does anyone have advice, reassurance etc? I wanted a semi good ATAR to do a bachelor of nursing but im worried it wont happen due to general math affecting it all. Ive honestly have just given up on the subject...

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