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Feeling really demotivated and helpless in english advanced (1 Viewer)


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Aug 12, 2020
I'm not an English person. I'm more of STEM, not one who reads, analyses, etc etc. I picked English advanced for the purpose of it scaling higher but at this point I do not really care as much.

The entire subject just... its not for me. I feel its useless. I'm hesitant to drop it but I do want to keep it. My year 11 ranking was 11th out of 22nd, with preliminary ranking being 8th.

Embarassing thing is that I've never recieved an A in english in my entire life. It's as if no matter what I write, I won't get anything past a mid B.

I write a paragraph and then ask a classmate to review it and they just annihilate the entire thing with "delete this", "redundant sentence", "reword this".

Its just from my previous experiences that I feel so helpless and unmotivated to do any English work. I want to drop down to standard to let the weight off my shoulders. This might also help me focus on my science subjects more. Anyone else like this or just me?

I'd appreciate any advice regarding moving down to standard, how to write better etc.
Nah I get you, start of year 11 english was so ass the only time i felt smart in that class was explaining what a metaphor was on the first day 💀 it beat my ass the first few terms like I was in bottomest ranks. But since year 12 i started locking in, looking at what past essays did better than what i did and spamming feedback to teachers, ex-tutors and even teachers from other schools (don't tell nesa) and then I was like rank 27/181 avging high band 5s to low band 6s throughout year 12. If u got a good teacher who checks urdrafts over holidays its a W cause loads dont do that, esp mine, i asked that and she said "r u corrupt w retardation", I came first in her class after that for trials btw.

But overall, things will get better for english if you really put in the work. You can easily b5 it or b6 it by combining bunch of b6 essay exemplar together in a cohesive manner tho but if u wanna do ur own thing then go for it.

Hope this helps 😆


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Apr 4, 2023
Glad that the feedback has been somewhat helpful!

Maybe try preparing and memorising the links to a rubric related topic sentence? It should help lower the pressures during the actual exam?

Regarding the base essay for the common mod, I'm not sure if all schools do the modules in the same order but we have already done our exam on it in term 4 and therefore pretty much already have the base essay prepared for trials... Which module have you guys been tested on so far?

And yeah I guess our school kinda covers jstor in the sense that our class teacher distributes lots of critical readings in soft copy to us, so we always have a database we can go to if needed.
Get a library card from the State Library of NSW, that will let you access JSTOR under their institution
I asked another English teacher who's always taught English passionately and she provided me with various pathways for gaining access to JSTOR.

The only module we've covered is 'Common Module - Texts and Human Experiences' and we read "The Crucible". Our school doesn't do base essays with us but they'll check and provide feedback on an essay we write countless times. But yeah, I'll definitely be doing essay questions based on the module and the text but I'll refine my quotes table for Common Mod first.

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