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I'll try and give an overview of the standard first year IT subjects in the BScIT/BIT/BScIT Innovation and BBus/BComp courses, so potential students have an idea of what to expect.

Overall, you are looking at about 3-4 hours per subject. You usually do 4 subjects per semester, giving you a total of 12-14 hours a week, usually in 3-4 days, depending on your timetable.

The standard program for the BScIT (and BIT for first semester) involves the following IT subjects in your first year:
- Object Oriented Programming
- Principles of Distributed Computing
- Networking 1
- Information, Classification and Control
- Object Oriented Design
- Distributed Computing Architecture
- Networking 2
- Introduction to Collaborative Systems

The standard program for the BBBus/BComp involves the following core IT subjects (introductory):
- Information Systems Principles
- Programming Fundamentals
- Systems Modelling
- Computer Fundamentals
- Database Principles
- Networking Fundamentals
Also check this thread for BBus:


31465 Object Oriented Programming
- This subject includes 1 lecture (2 hours), 1 tutorial (1 hour) and 1 lab (1 hour) to give you a total of 4 hours a week.
- This subject is an introductory programming subject which covers the basics of programing, more specifically, object-oriented (OO) languages. The programming language Java is used.
- It covers the basic programming constructs of most programming languages, such as variables, selection statements, repetition statements and arrays.
- It is a fairly practical subject with some theory based concepts here and there. It will require a fair amount of logical thinking. Most of the work in this subject will be lab based work writing actual code.
- Not really any group work in this subject.

31466 Principles of Distributed Computing
- This subject includes 1 tutorial (2 hours) and 1 lab (1-2 hours) to give you a total of 3-4 hours a week.
- This subject is an introduction to computing which covers the basics of computers and how they work.
- It covers topics such as binary and hexadecimal numbers, hardware inside a computer, operating systems, networks and distributed websites. The lab side of the subject teaches you basic UNIX and HTML.
- It is a combination of a practical and theory based subject, though most of what is taught is theoretical. The theory exams will concentrate on the theory topics above while the practical exams will test your UNIX and HTML skills.
- Not really any group work in this subject.

31467 Networking 1
- This subject includes 1 lab (4 hours) only (combined lecture, tutorial and lab) to give you a total of 4 hours a week.
- This subject is an introduction to computer networks. It covers Semester 1 (of 4) of the professionally recognised CCNA course.
- It covers topics such as what networks are and how they work, different hardware such as hubs, switches, routers, how to make cables and the different types of network cables and subnetting and how to work out IP addresses on a network.
- It is a fairly practical hands-on subject where most concepts are taught by doing the lab material. The theory concepts are taught during the lab. The exams will test both theoretical and practical skills through a practical exam.
- There is a group work in this subject usually via a practical hands-on exam.

31468 Information, Classification and Control
Will continue later...............

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Mar 5, 2004
Hey Peoples,
Just for those of you who are planning on doing B Business/B Computing, this is the course structure and electives etc...

please note though, that i obtained this about early to mid-way through 2005, so mabye one or two things mite be off...however i'm pretty sure the majority of it is correct...if not feel free to chuck in corrections :)

Year 1 (2005)
Autumn semester
25115 Economics for Business 6cp
22107 Accounting for Business 6cp
31060 Information Systems Principles 6cp
31508 Programming Fundamentals 6cp
Spring semester
24108 Marketing Foundations 6cp
21129 Managing People and Organisations 6cp
31424 Systems Modelling 6cp
31509 Computer Fundamentals 6cp

Year 2 (2006)
Autumn semester

26133 Business Information Analysis 6cp
79203 Business Law and Ethics 6cp
31061 Database Principles 6cp
31516 Networking Fundamentals 6cp
Spring semester
2xxxx Business Core Elective
2xxxx Business Core Elective

31xxx IT Elective
31xxx IT Sub-Major Stream

Year 3 (2007)
Autumn semester

2xxxx Business Major Stream
2xxxx Business Major Stream

31xxx IT Sub-Major Stream
31xxx IT Sub-Major Stream

Spring semester
2xxxx Business Major Stream
2xxxx Business Major Stream

31476 Systems Development Project 12cp

Year 4 (2008)
Autumn semester

2xxxx Business Major Stream
2xxxx Business Major Stream

31478 Project Management and Quality Assurance 6cp
31xxx IT Sub-Major Stream
Spring semester
2xxxx Business Major Stream
2xxxx Business Major Stream

31479 Information Technology Professional and Society 6cp
31480 Strategic Information Technology Planning Project 6cp

Colors and Keys~

Business Core Elective-Choose 12cp (or 2 Subjects) from the following:
22207 Accounting Transactions and Business Decisions 6cp
25300 Fundamentals of Business Finance 6cp
21128 International Business 6cp
21193 Introduction to Corporate Strategy 6cp

Information Technology Elective-Choose 6cp (or 1 Subect) from the Following:
31077 Software Engineering Fundamentals 6cp
31080 Digital Multimedia 6cp
31097 IT Operations Management 6cp
31140 Introduction to Computer Graphics 6cp
31335 Extreme Programming 6cp
31748 Programming on the Internet 6cp
31750 Intelligent Agents in Java 6cp
31777 Human-Computer Interaction 6cp
31904 Systems Programming 6cp
31927 Application Development with Visual Basic .NET 6cp
31040 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 6cp
31337 Advanced Internet Technologies 6cp
31475 Requirements Engineering 6cp
31603 3D Computer Animation 6cp
31605 Computer Graphics Rendering Techniques 6cp
31735 Information Systems and Organisation Development 6cp
31736 Business Processes and IT Strategy 6cp
31749 Internet Commerce 6cp
31860 Object-oriented Programming and C++ 6cp
31950 Networked Enterprise Design 6cp
31089 Mobile IP and Wireless LANs 6cp
31096 Managing Client/Vendor Relations 6cp
31099 Distributed Database Programming and Administration 6cp
31100 Enterprise Development with the .NET Framework 6cp
31338 Network Servers 6cp
31460 Computer Graphics Project 6cp
31002 Introduction to Computer Game Design 6cp
31004 Introduction to Game Programming 6cp
31030 Project 6cp
31034 Advanced Communication for IT 6cp
31088 Mobile Networks 6cp
31090 Mobile Programming 6cp
31091 Mobile Computing Project 6cp
31092 Information Systems Development Approaches 6cp
31336 Internet Middleware Programming 6cp
31465 Object-oriented Programming 6cp
31473 Data Structures and Procedural Programming 6cp
31005 Artificial Intelligence 6cp
31014 Software Engineering Tools and Techniques 6cp

IT Sub-Major Stream - Choose From the Following Sub-Majors:
SMJ02044 Mobile Computing 24cp
SMJ02045 Applications Development 24cp
SMJ02047 IT Management 24cp
SMJ02039 Computer Graphics and Animation 24cp
SMJ02040 Software Engineering 24cp
SMJ08163 Internet Business Technology 24cp

Business Major Stream - Choose From the Following Majors:
MAJ08437 Accounting 48cp
MAJ08448 Advertising and Promotions 48cp
MAJ08439 Banking 48cp
MAJ09209 Economics 48cp
MAJ08917 Electronic Business 48cp
MAJ08440 Finance 48cp
MAJ08447 Financial Planning 48cp
MAJ08446 Human Resources Management 48cp
MAJ08442 International Business 48cp
MAJ08438 Management 48cp
MAJ08441 Marketing 48cp
MAJ08445 Sport Management 48cp
MAJ08443 Tourism 48cp

EDIT: ok afta reading the title of this Thread, mabye i haven't posted this in the right place :p,
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Re: First Year IT Subjects: Overview

Yeah it is very different..

You can write a overview of your subjects for future BScITs later if you want lol.

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Jan 9, 2007
Re: First Year IT Subjects: Overview


Do you guys learn about Linux in IT, or is it a Windows only based course? I see within the post that students are taught basic Unix, but how far do you go into linux?
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Re: First Year IT Subjects: Overview

We learnt basic Unix in Principles of Distributed Computing, but this is a pre-2007 subject. In this subject it involved: use of the unix commands, the text editor vi, some scripting, and some other basic stuff. There are no prerequisites, and I found it a very easy subject given I haven't touched Unix before.

I'm assuming you will learn this in Web Systems (31268) which according to the Handbook it involves:

'In this subject, skills are developed to use the computer as a tool for information processing, and transfer over the Internet. At the core of this activity is learning Unix, the operating system which supports the majority of web applications. After understanding the operating system as the steering mechanism, students investigate the underlying hardware which enables calculations, and learn protocols which enable communication across a network.'


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