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General Scriptwriting Tips and Sites (1 Viewer)


Jan 2, 2004
Scriptwriting General Tips

Before you even embark on your Major Work, you should have a look at this:


Page 128 – 133 are very important for you to read. I strongly advise you keep a copy of this document on your computer for all English subjects as well.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a direct extract from page 133 of the syllabus. YOU MUST ADHERE TO THESE SPECIFCATIONS.

Scripts — Radio, Film, Television and Drama

Students must develop a script of a complete work for the medium of radio, film,
television or drama. The intended performance time for the script must be 20–30
minutes. A Reflection Statement must also be submitted with the work.

The script must be typed with double spacing onto A4 size paper.
Scriptwriting conventions appropriate to the medium should be followed.
Font should be size 12, Arial or Times New Roman.
Each page should be numbered.
A cover sheet should be included which states the centre number and candidate
number and the title of the work(s).

The following are just general websites to help you along. Be warned – these are just sites to help you get going but they are often aimed at people who are looking to publish. They discuss the basics of screenwriting, basic techniques, language, and other nitty gritties. They will not give you ideas. In addition, do not follow the conventions given on the sites, as they differ from the specifications from the Board of Studies.

Screenwriting.info: How to Write a Screenplay

Useful site for the basics

Screenplays-Online.de - FREE Screenplay Archive and Community

Site which hosts the screenplays of feature film scripts. Again, very risky. You are writing a short film remember, not a feature film. Additionally, these scripts adhere to industry standards – the Board of Studies requires a specific layout, which I have already discussed.

This is useful if there’s a segment of a film you like, but don’t know how to dictate onto paper. Have a look for that film and the scene on this site…

SimplyScripts - Movie Scripts and Screenplays

This site also discusses Radio and TV scripts, so this is useful for those of you who may be thinking of doing that.

ISP Company Name - Australian Film Commission.

Great site for information about short film festivals (which I really recommend you go to) and for information about actual scripts themselves.


This is a typical screenplay layout. If you a looking at keeping copies for yourself, I suggest formatting your script in this way. I did, to start off with then re-formatted my script to suit the Board for my hand in copy.

Australian Film Commission - Error

While this is aimed at people who are looking a publishing their screenplays, it is useful to look at their evaluation page on page 5. I suggest you fill this out yourself before you begin to write your Reflection Statement, to give you a better idea of what your script is actually about.

Baby Names at BabyNames.com | Baby Boy Names | Baby Girl Names | Top Most Popular Names

Looking for a name for that character? Go here. By giving you meanings as well, you can give your character a “symbolic” name.

You may have noticed a lot of talk in and amongst these sites about the use of Scriptwriting programs such as Final Draft . These often come highly recommended, but are often expensive to obtain legally. They are known to make life much much easier, as formatting in Word can get very tedious and tiring.

If you have any more questions, please post them here, or contact me.

Good Luck! :)
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aka Will, Skis, Willskis
Nov 17, 2004
Tamworth, NSW
These are all great ideas but does anyone have any resources for stage scripts?


New Member
Mar 13, 2005
yep.... i agree..... great ideas!... but i really need tips on stage scriptwriting!
any ideas on where i can find them?.....thanks for all the advice tho.. really helpful


Mar 2, 2009
Damn, I thought using babynames.com to find significant meanings behind my characters' names was relatively original.

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