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New Member
May 13, 2005
I thought the exam was ok actually, i agree with you all about the parenting and caring questions, but i didnt hestitate once i read it. I was really happy with it because normally i have to rush my answers for the extended responses but i didnt have to this time, and i finished and got everything down i needed to. so hopefully we all did good.
Oh and if everyone is complaining about the parenting and caring one then maybe they will mark it nicer!


New Member
May 7, 2005
i actually became bored half way through the exam cos the questions were so boring and repetitive.
i seriouslly just didn't want to write anymore.

i also completly fuked up the questions...for some unknown reason i only thought u had to do either q. 15 or 16 not both...i have no idea why i thought this seeing as my teacher told us everyday what the exam lay out was and i went fine in the trial...
and i was looking at the question thinking..i studies both of these topics 'parenting and caring' and 'groups in context' and why would they give us 1 hour and half to do one essay! oh god i'm dumb!

so anyway with 1 hour left which i'd left for question 17, i relised what i'd done and then panicked! i ended up doing all 3 questions but feel dumb now!

oh well..i'm over the hsc. won't care til i get my results...and besides the uni course i want to do has no UAI...thank goodness

best of luck to the rest of u's!

hall of mirrors

New Member
Aug 21, 2005
candybanana said:
i thought that the exam was pretty good, the only question that i didn't like was the last question (c) for groups in context. as for the parent and caring questions i thought they were pretty easy and i don't understand why u guys thought it was hard. also i was really surprised with the fact that there was only four short answer responses. and i agree that there is way to many long response, the paper is so full, they expect us to right so much. it is the most full on paper i will complete. i am also a top cafs student and do not feel that this paper did any justice to us or our teachers it was sooo boring. all i can say is thank god i never i have to mention, socio emotional wellbeing, physical wellbing, economical wellbeind, political wellbeing and spiritual wellbeing.
you thought the parenting and caring question was easy?? what did you write for it, i could only get limited points down. i dont know how it is even possible to draw FIFTEEN marks out of that.

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