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Hag-Seed summary/important points (1 Viewer)


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Jan 8, 2024
Could anyone give a quality but also easy to understand summary (or links to easy to understand videos/websites) on Hag-Seed? I currently don’t have the book and I have an online test on Hag-Seed that I need to complete in 3 days.
Any help would be appreciated


May 19, 2022
* felix is the adaptation/appropriation of prospero; he is wronged & his position gets usurped. similarly to how prospero stages the events of tempest, felix directs the stage of the tempest to avenge & redeem himself
* felix exiles himself to a shack in canada for 12 years, fantasising about revenge, additionally haunted by an imaginary vision of his dead daughter miranda, who died as a toddler. by the end of felix's exile, miranda is fifteen years old as she "grows up" (idk)
* similar to prospero, after 12 years felix finds opportunity for revenge in a production of the tempest at Fletcher Correctional (a prison)
* felix uses an alias "mister duke", working in the prison system by staging productins of shakespeare which the inmates perform as a creative outlet & reformatory influence for those inmates
* when felix's usurpers arrive at the prison, felix uses it as an opportunity for revenge. felix accepts Estelle's (some rich/influential woman who runs the "literacy through literature" program) offer to stage the play at Fletcher
* some inmates are cast as characters they have similarities with e.g 8handz = ariel due to a command of illusion
* felix casts the rest of the inmates based off physical resemblance; Anne Marie plays shakespeare's miranda
* Anne-marrie's romance with Freddie (inmate) mirrors Miranda/Ferdinands. Felix's daughter/ghost/idk atp Miranda accompanies Felix to the prison (unobserved by the prisoners ofc) as an understudy for the character of Ariel
* felix's play is successfully staged as a performance and a means of revenge. when tony (antonio, felix's usurper blah blah), sal (alonso), lonnie (gonzalo) and sebastian (sebert) (let's call these people "outsiders" so i don't have to type more oml) are brought to the prison, they are separated and taken captive by inmates "staging" a revolt
* the revolt is literally staged and the outsiders are being taped as they fumble around in their cell. sal mourns what he feels is the loss of his son (who is also an inmate at the prison) (again, link to tempest! hoorah!)
* while lonnie & sal are incapacitated, tony & sebert plot to murder the other two men and frame the prisoners. since this is all taped (hoorah) their plotting is as good as a confession. while this happens, tony confesses what he did to felix 12 years ago redeems felix to the audience
* felix comes to the realisation that vengeance is empty and true redemption only comes through forgiving and letting go
* the play ends with felix coming to terms with the loss of his daughter, releasing the ghost (similar to prospero releasing ariel)
* felix regains his role as Artistic Director of the makeshiweg theatre festival and leaves his exile
* he goes on a holiday cruise at the end, mirroring prospero (as they both leave on ships)
ok i think that should be enough

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