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Oct 16, 2005
Head Teacher English Tutoring

I have been Head Teacher English for 10 years, as well as over 10 years HSC English Marker experience, and 15 years English tutoring, p-2-p and online.

There are several areas of Stage 6 English where I can help increase your grade, including text analysis, essay construction, collecting relevant related material, as will as preparation for assessments.

I can help with English (Standard, Advanced, Extension 1&2).

You may email me a question and its requirements (such as scanning an assessment task sheet or typing the question and its specifics).
You can attach a draft response (in whatever degree of completion you like), and I will:
  1. Edit and annotate the draft; list additional concepts, ideas, arguments and techniques which suit the topic, texts and question; suggest a line of argument for how to arrange the material
  2. include a list of resources you may/may not have accessed
If you find you don’t know where to begin on a particular task, you can send the task sheet and ask whatever questions you like and I can provide points 2-4 above.

I am available any time this year with a 48 hour turn around.
The fee is $25 for providing the above service for each task, paid into my PayPal account or alternatively direct deposit into my bank account.

My Paypal account details are p.f.smith@hotmail.com, name of Peter Smith.
I would prefer inquiry via email than private message.
I hope HSC English is a positive and rewarding experience for you in 2008/9.

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