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Hella confused about History Extension (1 Viewer)


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Nov 17, 2016
Hi everyone!

I recently picked up history extension and ive completed a term of it (woo)

Im just really confused as to what to expect from now on?

We have been reading John Warrens "History and the Historians" In order to learn about the historians and answer the first 4 questions. I initially understood it and all was well, until we got to the enlightenment period, then the reading became harder, but I got there eventually.

My question is, I keep hearing about debates on the historians? What does this even mean?? I know we will do more work in class, but im just lost as to where this subject will go. So far all i have is answered the 4 questions on the historians, what am i supposed to do with this information??



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Feb 25, 2017
Don’t worry I’m lost in this subject too (even though I topped the class of 22 in a practice exam lol I’m such a snake) I think it’s okay that we’re a bit confused about the direction of this subject, it’s not something you can rote- learn or memorise, per se, no one comes into this subject prepared and extremely intelligent. Even if you’re good at history itself, the subject is based off historiography, and through answering the 4 key questions of a particular historian we are able to formulate discussions, comparisons, evaluations and other forms of written pieces to explain how much we have learnt.
Personally I’ve only done Herodotus, Terry Deary (author of Horrible Histories) and the ANZAC Legend and basically we’ve done comparison essays for the first two, and another hand in essay on the purpose and construction of the ANZAC Legend.
The more we read, the more we are able to understand current histiographical debates and issues and most importantly to evaluate - to form a judgement on the particular issue. I remember my teacher saying we learn about 13 issues throughout the entire course which probably means 13 essays LOL :cold: But I’m sure the more I read, the more I understand about the process of historiography itself. I think generally by Half Yearlies, we should have a basic understanding of this subject and by Trials a much more developed and succinct understanding of Hist Ext!! LETS GET THEM E4s!!!!!
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