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HELP!! Advice for Microsoft on Mac for Bach Design (1 Viewer)


New Member
Feb 13, 2018
Hi! I'm in need of a bit of help and advice.

I was reading through the prescribed texts for my subjects when under the subject Critical and Theoretical Studies 1 it stated that "Note: Apple-Mac users will require Windows operating system." and well... I guess I have to do something about my mac.

Does anyone have any information on whether bootcamp or virtulisation works better for the requirements and work flow for the subject and the bachelor overall, and how capable does the laptop have to be? And did either of the operations caused further complications to your laptop further on?

I want to sort this out before semester starts, and I don't want my mac to fry :')
I figured asking students would be the way to go before I turned to stop1.

Thanks guys xx

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