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Jun 5, 2023
Hi I'm a 2022 graduate who achieved an atar of 99.95, achieving 95+ in all of my subjects. I studied Maths Ext 2 (97), Maths Ext 1 (98), Chemistry (97), Physics (96) and English Advanced (96) (Proof can be supplied in private messages if requested). My current tutoring intake is full, however I am looking to sell resources that I used during my time in year 12. This includes:

Topic based revision worksheets + a plethora of past papers + solutions from top selective and private schools (including new syllabus internals) + detailed, visually pleasing notes designed to help you better understand a topic + tutoring materials I obtained from my senior years which I no longer need (kurt, du etc)

I also have old syllabus excel and cambridge textbooks with relevant chapters labelled (selling at discounted price)

multiple sets of extensive high b6 notes + new syllabus papers and solutions + topic based revision worksheets (module and inquiry q based) + tutoring materials from my senior years that I no longer need (ACE, Du, etc)

English Advanced
Detailed notes/annotations of entire texts, multiple 19+/20 essays for each module (texts: 1984, T.S Elliot, King Henry IV Part I) + full mark mod C creatives + reflection
Feel free to shoot a message if you're interested!

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