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HSC Extension 2 Mentor (1 Viewer)


Good grief.
Oct 19, 2014
New South Wales
Greetings Bored of Studies tutors!

I am looking for an Extension English Two mentor/ tutor who will be willing to work with me for the remaining of Year 12.

The tutoring I would like is probably more assistive and feedback driven rather than the conventional 'help me 24/7' type of thing. I am looking for feedback and comments that are critical, and will eventually help me to develop my understanding in a broad and wide way. I have done research, but it is always a comfort to have a second opinion.

Another thing is, I'm looking for an online mentor, as I do not see the necessity of meeting-up and discussing my work when actually it can be done at home, on the computer. Saves both the mentor and I time and money :)

Last requirement, I would also like someone who did a 'creative piece' as opposed to something analytical. Preferably, someone who did a script, a video or a radio play for their major work. However, it doesn't have to be limited to the mediums I've listed, I am happy for my mentor to have done a short story, but as long as feedback is constructive, meaningful and will help drive my marks up towards an E4 :)

Please send me a private message if interested. :D Thank you!

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