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HSC Subject Selection Advice (Physics vs. Bio, 3U vs 2U English) (1 Viewer)


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Aug 8, 2018
Hi! I am a year 10 student at a top 5 academically selective school and have to choose HSC subjects very soon. I intend to do medicine after school.

My current plan is to do:

3U Maths
English Advanced
Modern History
Spanish Beginners

I am very confused as to whether I should choose biology or physics. I have always been good at maths, and I have a good memory. I enjoy aspects of both, and I dislike aspects of both. The teachers of both subjects are okay.

I am completely at a loss as to which subject I should pick. Any advice? (If the new syllabus could be taken into account as well that would be greatly appreciated).


I generally get very good marks in English, but all of my good marks come from public speaking and acting. Essays are my weakest area which is why I have chosen to do 2U English and do Spanish as a 'filler' of sorts (one that I may or may not drop for year 12, depending on workload, marks, etc.) Is this a good choice? Or should I take 3U English? My school also has a very good english program, however I'm not sure how helpful it's be if I am not very good at essays. Once again, it would be greatly appreciated if the new syllabus could be considered.

Thank you so much
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Mar 16, 2016
List of things to consider when choosing subjects
- whether you enjoy it or not
- whether it's a prerequisite for your desired uni course (or whether it will be useful)
- scaling

Between 3u english and spanish, 3u scales much better, however, there's no point doing it if you don't like it, or if you like Spanish more than English. Don't worry too much about not being great at essays right now, because there's plenty of time to improve, and you can always get help from teachers/tutors. One thing you could also look into is how well your school does in each subject - I'm guessing quite well since you're at a top 5 school but every school has a weakness unfortunately hahaha (at a selective school as well and our chem teachers are absolutely hopeless)

With bio and physics, it doesn't really matter too much but I reckon bio may be more relevant/useful for medicine???

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