If enrolling is an intelligence test, I just failed. (Arts/Business) (1 Viewer)


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Jan 29, 2014
I'm hoping someone here can help me!

Trying to navigate the Monash website to find the info I need is like reading a choose your own adventure book where all the options lead you back to the same. damn. page.

I'm starting my double degree (Arts/Business) this year. I deferred and took a gap year last year (2013) so none of the information about enrolling is fresh in my head... maybe that's the problem.

Today I tried to enrol in my units on WES. Five units were already selected for me, so I guess they're compulsory. Two for semester one: commercial law, microeconomics. Three for semester 2: business stastistics, introduction to management, and marketing theory and practice.

So now I need to fill in the gaps with some arts units. Do I choose 2 arts units per semester? If I do that, I'll have a total of 5 units in Semester 2... that's not right, is it?

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