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I'm Screwed...Big Time (1 Viewer)


New Member
Feb 10, 2020
Hi All,
So I'm in the middle of a dilemma.
At my school we do the Pathways model, meaning 3 subjects a year doing Prelim at the end of T4 until Wk2 of T2. And HSC after that.
So I'm Yr 11, doing PDHPE, ADV Maths, Ext 1 Maths and Economics. Basically, I, unfortunately, experienced a major, hardcore, burn out straight after my Year 10 finals. We had a week break to go over the HSC rules and regs, and then we started Prelim.

By the time I started Prelim, I was still massively in the burn-out zone. I survived the rest of the term, 3 weeks or so until the Summer Holidays. However, the holidays failed to recover me from my burn-out and despite resting and such. I made an attempt to catch up on truckloads of homework but didn't quite get there.

School started again and then the Assessments hit. I had no time to catch up on that homework.

Currently, we have just done Chapter 10 of 11, and I'm stuck doing my homework in Chapter 6.

On top of that, I have Extension 1 to do, also majorly behind.

Any ideas of what to do?

Grind it hard for a few weeks and time a burn-out or just dump it all.

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