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Is my related text alright? (1 Viewer)


May 17, 2018
For the common module, our school is required to find a related text to The Merchant of Venice (though it doesn't necessarily need to be connected to the themes in TMOV) that explores, to some extent, these questions:

1. Which individual or collective experiences does it explore?
2. Which human qualities or emotions are the focus of the text?
3. What insight does the text offer into the anomalies, paradoxes and inconsistencies in human behaviour and motivations?
4. How does the text invite the responder to see the world differently, challenge their assumptions, ignite new ideas or offer opportunities for personal reflection?

I'm considering using the short story "Case Study 2" by Sarah Hall for my related text. Do you think that'd be alright, and if it somewhat answers those questions above? If not, how about "Suddenly, a Knock on the Door" by Etgar Keret?

On a side note, if you enjoy somewhat morbid yet intriguing short stories, check both of them out! :D
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